It is important to appreciate one another because it truly does make someone happy.  Even if you don't get the recipe word to word but if you are inspired mention it, you might make someone happy :)
Top Food Blogs

This Sunshine award is from Sonja at Kichenboudoir  Thank you Sonja for mentioning me among those who are inspiring :)
Thank you for featuring me among the top 30 bloggers in Toronto 

Thank you Sorisha for the including me to receive the awards.
Divya has passed some lovely awards, thank you Divya.  Check out her delicious blog Thank you What's cooking for the award.

Grocery List

Featured as the Everyday foodie 

Thank you Recetas de una for this lovely award, check out this wonderful site written in Spanish.

Thank you Chitranna for this lovely award.  Check out her delicious vegetarian blog.
Thank you Sonali for this award, check out her fabulous blog with only fish recipes.

Thank you My kitchen flavours for this "fabulous blog award" and mentioning me as an inspiration :) I would like to pass this award to all my dear friends and followers.

Thank you Curry and comfort for recognizing as a fabulous blog. Check out the delicious site for lovely ideas.

Thank you for this award.  Check out Kochzauber for delicious dishes.

I won this award for the best kebab picture from Khushi's kebab event.

Thank you Julie for these awards check out this delicious site.

Thank you for this award check out the site cooking varieties.

Thank you Roshu for this beautiful award, check out her lovely site.

Award for participating in the healthy snack event from Deepthi

Received from Jabeen's corner for participating on Iftar night.

Thank you Reshmi for these awards.  Thank you Amelia for these blog awards, check out their wonderful site.

Be @ Home award from PocketChange blog to recognize accomplishments, hard work and dedication of Torviewtoronto.  Thank you for this beautiful award, do check their inspirational site that has many things from cooking, crafts, style, home decor and more.

Award from a creative muslimah check out the wonderful site with many creative beautiful crafts and cooking.

Award from fast food event thank you.

Thank you Prathima for this Interesting blogger award.  I am pleased to receive this special award.  She has lot of tips do check her blog.

Thank you Biny for this Innovative blogger award I do feel very special and happy.

Thank you Nancy and Vijay for this lovely blog award.  Check out their fabulous blog I have learnt many new herbs I haven't seen before.

Thank you Indrani for sharing the lovely awards with me.
Curry and comfort and Melissa from oureyeseatfirst has awarded me with a versatile blogger award thank you check out the lovely sites.

Received this award from My sonpari thank you do check out Samira's lovely blog.

Participation award for dish name starts with G.

Thank you Food mazaa for this lovely award.

Award from Sonali check out her lovely site with only fish recipes

Thank you Mughda and Vimitha for these awards check out their wonderful sites.

Award for participating in dish name starts with F.

Award for participating in B for breakfast.
Thank you BinyNidhya, Fajida and Divya for sharing these awards please do check out their lovely food sites.

Indonesian in Turkey shared this sunshine award with me, thank you.Check out her site for delicious recipes.
An award from little bit of everythingraw girl, Samira and Ami's vegetarian delicacies.  Sharing this with all of my dear blogging friends.
Thank you award for dish name starts with D.

 Thank you AmrithaSoumyaRoshanChaitrali and Suja for sharing this lovely award.

Participation award from Simply food.

Sara from Sara's corner gave this award for participating in the party treats event.  

Thank you award for only greens event.

Participation award for veggie fruit a month banana.

Letz relissh paneer Participation award.

Akila.  Check out her site for delicious food and events.  

Sana from Creative Sanyukta awarded me for winning the BSI milk.
Participation award from Akila at Akila's kitchen for dish name starts with A

Thank you Shobha for sharing this award with me.  Check out  her space for delicious food and food decorations. 

Thank you GayathriSoumyaBiny and Sayali for sharing this award with me.  I am sharing this with all my readers.  Please check out her wonderful space.  

Lexi from Big momma and me gave me these beautiful awards she has two lovely sites with wonderful recipes, thank you Lexi.  In accepting this award must add a link to the person giving the award and pass it to other blogging friends whose blogs you love up to 15 people and share 7 things about yourself.

I have 7 things about myself on this page already.  I would love to share the beautiful blogger award, sunshine award and the innovative chef award with, do check them out they have wonderful recipes.

Niloufer at Kitchen samraj awarded this Innovative chef award for participating in Soccer mania event

Thank you award for participating in the cold desserts event at Torviewtoronto

Santosh from Santosh's kitchen awarded me this versatile blogger award as well, there are lots of delicious Indian recipes, health and cooking tips do check it out.
Maya at foodiva’s kitchen awarded me, she has lots of lovely desserts I would like to honour this award to all my blogger friends, but as the rules of this award I need to share it with 15 friends.

  1. Chef Dennis                    
  2. Indonesia eats     
  3. Azee’s kitchen  
  4. Mother Rimmy  
  5. Nithu Bala  
  6. Geetha Achal   
  7. The mom chef  
  8. Kitchen corner try it 
  9. What’s cooking Italian style cuisine    
  10. Divya’s recipes   
  11. Foodelicious  
  12. Krishnaveni’s kitchen 
  13. My kitchen treats    
  14. Simply food 
  15. Speciality recipes from my(e) corner        

Thank you Jay, Neethu and Mina for sharing these lovely awards with me I feel happy I have made lots of lovely friends. 

I would like to share this with all my blogger friends who visit, comment and follow my blog as a thank you so please accept it.


This versatile blogger award is awarded to me from Sara a friend I met from Foodbuzz, Thank you Sara.  Check out her blog It started with one she has 300 cookbooks of recipes to share.To accept the award thank the person who awarded it to you, share 7 things about yourself and list 15 friends you like to pass this lovely award.
  1. travel
  2. try different food
  3. watch movies
  4. organize
  5. photography
  6. surf the net
  7. teach
This list is not in any order I am pleased to share this with them. Please check out these lovely food blogs, wish I could have given it to all my blogger friends.

Thank you Jay for this lovely award given for participating in her event.  I like to dedicate my first award to all my blogger friends who are following this blog, commenting and encouraging me to cook and share.  

The rule of this award is to accept it and share with three other blogger friends highlighting why you like them the best with the intention to spread the message of love.  I chose three, it was tough as I want to give it to everyone.
  1. Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal at Mharo Rajasthan's Recipes - Rajasthan A State in Western India.  She gave me the opportunity to host her event for the month of July and for leaving encouraging comments.
  2. Niloufer Riyaz at Kitchen Samraj.  It was her event I first participated and she always leaves a comment that makes me happy even when it wasn't related to cooking.
  3. Sanyukta Gour (Bayes) at Creative Sanyukta for sending the first email of entries to the first event I am hosting.

An award for sending Cornflakes and lemon squares to bread mania event.
Thank you Chaitra.

Nithu presented a thank you award for participating in the best out of waste lemon squares.


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