Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whole wheat flatbread Atta roti

whole wheat flatbread

2 cups whole wheat or atta flour

1 tbsp margarine optional
½ tsp sugar optional
½ tsp salt

Combine the flour, sugar, salt and margarine. Add water little at a time till the dough comes together. Knead till the dough becomes soft, if it is too sticky add flour.

Roll the roti flat about ½ cm thick not too thin.
Heat a roti pan or flat pan like an omelette pan or skillet on medium high heat. Turn the roti when one side has some dots which will take a minute or two, press it with a flat spoon it will puff up. Then flip and cook the other side. Keep the rotis on top of each roti and cover with foil.

Another variation is to flatten the dough, put some butter and a little bit of sugar. Roll it into a cone then make a ball and flatten the roti again. This is the basic roti where many variations can be done like adding a filling of potatoes or dhal and flatten it this might need some oil in the pan.

I have updated the post, thank you for the questions. It is easier to make the flatbread over the stove so I haven't used the oven.

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  1. This is really new for me, it's healty food for childrean great idea thanks for sharing:)

  2. when I wasn't working I used to make them every day.. :)

  3. I love how simple this is! And much healthier than store bought, which is bound to be full of preservatives. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice- I make the same but it is called pulka- the best part about pulka is you put the rotis on high flame and allow it to swell up like a balloon- and boy it tastes super good!

  5. Oh my...yummmm! I go to the Mid-Eastern restaurants just for the flatbread...love this stuff! :)

  6. Looks so good and love the idea of adding fillings, too.

  7. Great simple recipe! Would it be possible to bake it in the oven or would the oven cool too much by opening it too often?

  8. I love this whole wheat version of flatbread!

  9. You did fantastic job on these..looks beautiful and tasty! Love your photo!

  10. These would be soooo good put in the oven with melted cheese and hot sauce. Mmmm....

  11. Great recipe! I try to make my own flat bread when I have the time. I love making them on my cast iron skillet. I've never tried filling them with anything though.

  12. Your site is very nice and it is nice to see a fellow Canadian here also. Cheers, Tara


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