Bread, buns, pizza and flatbread
Atta roti whole wheat flatbread
Artisan boule bread
Avocado roti
Baguette bread
Baked bun
Batura chickpeas curry 
Besan flour flatbread missi roti 
Challah bread
Chelsea buns with dried fruit
Coconut roti
Curry roti 
Dal roti
Egg sandwich
Garlic bun
Italian bread
Kachori deep fried stuffed bread
Keema stuffed parata Minced meat stuffed roti
Layered pastry Aduku roti 
Lahmajoun Middle Eastern pizza
Manti Turkish dumplings
Meat sandwich gyros
Naan baked flat bread
No knead bread
Paratha roti
Potato frankie Murtabak 
Potato stuffed flatbread
Steamed bun
Sweet sugar buns
Tuna sandwich
Vegetable egg filled buns 

Afghani biryani
Mejadra Middle Eastern rice with lentil
Milk rice Kiribath 
Nut pilau
Rice flake breakfast 
Rice flour pancakes
Rice porridge kola kanda with gotu kola and Curry leaves herbal porridge
Rice pudding 
Rice with vermicelli
Slow cooked biryani
South Indian biryani
Sushi rice 
Sushi rice vinegar
Sushi nigirizushi temakizushi 
Tamarind rice
Yellow rice 

Noodles, Pasta and traditional dishes made with rice 
Barley risotto with wild mushrooms
Cavena hulless oats stir fry
Coconut pittu   
Couscous vegetables
Dosa with potato 
Hoppers (Rice flour pancake) 
Lasagne with ricotta cheese 
Macaroni and cheese 
Maggie noodles 
Millet flour pittu
Pasta frittata
Pasta with minced meat and pomegranate 
Pasta with spinach almonds and garlic flavoured oil
Quinoa with vegetable 
Savoury quinoa
Savoury pancake
Semolina steamed cake (rava idly) 
Shrimp noodles 
Spaghetti and meatballs
Sweet filled string hoppers
Teriyaki stir fry

Vegetable curry 
Asparagus stir fry with pine nuts 
Asparagus coconut stir fry
Banana flower curry  
Beetroot curry 
Bitter melon curry 
Bok choy curry 
Broccoli stir fry
Brussel sprouts stir fry mallum 
Cabbage and carrot curry  
Carrot and bean curry 
Carrots caramelized 
Dal curry 
Dambala or winged bean curry
Eggplant bringal sweet and spicy curry 
Eggplant casserole
Eggplant curry with coconut
Eggplant with dried shrimp curry
Green bean curry
Green beans ginger lemon curry 
Green beans lemon basil
Green peas, carrot, cashew curry
Ivy gourd tindora kovaikai stir fry
Kale cooked salad (kale malum kale sundal)

Kale and coconut cooked salad
Sautéed potatoes 
Spinach paneer curry
Spinach stir fried
Steamed corn
Stuffed rice tomatoes bell peppers
Tender jackfruit Polos curry
Black pepper tofu
Tofu stir fried 
Vegetable fritters
Winter melon ash gourd curry
Zucchini potato curry 

Hot Cold beverages and Frozen desserts
Avocado milkshake 
Avocado mousse pudding
Banana mango raspberry smoothie
Banana milkshake with vanilla
Blueberry yogurt smoothie
Cantaloupe juice
Coconut milk ice cream
Falooda rose syrup cold drink
Ginger tea
Hibiscus tea and juice 
Hot chocolate chocolate caliente
Iced coffee
Lemonade with mint  
Lipton ice tea 
Mango ice cream
Mango milkshake 
Mint ice cream 
Mint ginger tea
Papaya juice 
Pomegranate orange juice
Raspberry cream soda
Raspberry frozen yogurt
Rhubarb syrup and fruit punch with rhubarb syrup
Spiced soup rasam
Strawberry banana smoothie 
Sweet potato smoothie
Thulasi holy basil leaf juice
Turmeric milk
Vanilla ice cream 
Vanilla ice cream without eggs
Watermelon juice

Leek potato soup 
Nimma rasam
Spicy soup rasam
Sweet semolina sago porridge 
Vegetable soup 
Vegetable meat soup
Vegetable noodles soup

Avocado dip
Apple capsicum raisin chutney 
Apricot chutney 
Avocado dip
Berbere spice mix
Chai spiced honey
Coconut chutney
Coconut sambal
Green chillie pickle 
Green banana peel chutney
Maldive fish spicy kata sambal
Maldive fish and onion fried sambal
Malay pickle acharu
Mango chutney
Mint chutney
Pear jam
Raita yogurt dip
Raspberry jam sauce
Rhubarb chutney (Sweet and spicy rhubarb)
Sweet and spicy onion sambal (Seeni sambal)
Sweet mango chutney
Spicy tarter sauce  
Tomato coconut chutney
Tomato jam with raisins 
Tomato jam
Tzatziki sauce

Barbecued chicken
Baked chicken pieces
Breaded chicken
Butter chicken 
Butter chicken easy method
Chicken corn soup
Chicken dry curry
Fried chicken cereal coated
Fried chicken liver
Panko coated fried chicken 
Roast chicken pan fried 
Sticky sweet and spicy chicken
Tandoori chicken

Meat and Soya meat
Baked meatballs
Barbecue beef
Beef curry
Beef curry with bell peppers
Beef curry with cashews and coconut
Beef curry cooked in pressure cooker
Beef pickle
Beef stew
Fried beef liver
Garlic beef with olives
Grilled steak with Indian masala rub
Kashmiri kebab 
Kebab skewers with meat, fruit and vegetable 
Massaman meat curry
Meatball curry
Minced meat filling
Pepper steak with mushrooms  
Pepper beef curry with potatoes
Soya meat curry
Steak pan fried

Seafood and Egg curries 
Baked pollock with gravy
Baked fish sticks
Batter fried squid
Cod fritters
Crab cake
Crab curry  
Egg appetizers
Squid fry
Vegetable scrambled eggs
Zucchini herb omelette

Apple nut mesquite muffin
Apple spiced donuts
Apple walnut cake
Baked chocolate doughnut
Banana chocolate bread
Banana cake
Banana walnut muffins
Berry muffins
Berry cereal muffins
Blueberry crumb cake 
Brownie with Rice Krispies 
Butter cake
Butter cake flower decorated
Butter and chocolate cake 3D dinosaur cake
Buttercream icing
Butter cream  
  Icing decorated cake 
  Icing sponge cake 3D Car cake
  Whipped cream chocolate icing celebration cake
Buttermilk cake
Buttery blondies with chocolatey fudge cups
Cake pops made in cake pop mould
Carrot cake  
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
Carrot zucchini cupcakes
Cheesecake crunch in a jar
Chiffon cake 
Chocolate cake Treasure island with sour cream and Starwars BB8 cake 
Chocolate cake in a mug
Chocolate cake with raspberry jam 
Chocolate cake with chocolate lace
Chocolate cake with whipped cream icing
Coconut cake  
Cornflake muffins
Cupcake bouquet
Dulce de leche cake
Light fruit cake
Log cake whipped cream icing
Love cake
Nutella cupcake 
Orange semolina cake
Pineapple cheesecake
Pineapple upside down cake and cake made in cast iron pan
Plum crumble cake 
Pumpkin streusel muffins
Raspberry muffins
Red velvet layer cake cream cheese frosting
Sheet cake with buttermilk
Sour cream coffee cake
Sponge cake 
Strawberry cake
Strawberry muffin  
Strawberry shortcake
Banana cereal cookies
Banana fritters
Banana pancakes 
Banana split ice cream 
Biscotti oatmeal
Bread pudding with raisin
Bread pudding 
Brownie cookies
Buttermilk Ebelskivers 
Buttermilk pancake with peach compote
Cardamom pastries cookies
Caramel pudding with condensed milk 
Caramel pudding with milk
Carrot milk sweet halwa
Cashew tartlets 
Chocolate biscuit pudding 
Chocolate chip shortbread cookies
Chocolate mousse 
Chocolate scones
Churros Spanish doughnuts
Cinnamon buns for breakfast 
Clotted cream with whipping cream
Coconut macaroons
Date surprise cookies
French toast  
French toast with Morning Rounds
Fried treacle rice flour sweet
Ghee cookies Nanakatha
Gingerbread cookies
Green gram and rice dessert 
Gulab jamun
Homemade mascarpone cheese
Jaggery flan wattalappam
Jelly pudding
Lemon squares 
Microwave French toast in a mug
Microwave milk fudge
Milk toffee
Nanaimo bars
Oats and dry fruit cookies 
Oatmeal cranberry and raisin cookies
Pancakes with sweet coconut filling
Peanut butter cookies
Peda with paneer
Peda with ricotta cheese
Pumpkin cinnamon buns
Pumpkin whoopie pie
Rava ladoo (semolina with raisins and nuts)
Rice flakes coconut sweet treats
Rice pudding 
Ricotta cookies
Roasted rice and jaggery ladoo poriblanga 
Sago coconut cookies
Semolina Æbleskiver paniyaram
Shortbread cookies
Sticky toffee pudding
String hopper sweet Aasmi idiyappam
Sweet potato 
Sweet potato doughnuts
Vermicelli milk pudding
Yogurt custard 
Zabaglione custard cream

Savoury snacks
Apple with raita salt
Beetroot sandwiches
Bread savoury toast
Cassava chips
Cauliflower fritters pakoras
Cauliflower fritters
Cauliflower roasted
Egg sandwich
Garlic bun 
Gourmet popcorn
Layered pastry 
Lentil fritters mysoor dal vada with shrimp
Masala vada
Papadums in microwave
Potato pancake latkes
Potato pancake Swiss rosti 
Puff pastry 
Quinoa jalapeño poppers
Rice flake breakfast 
Rice flour buttermilk fritters vada
Samosa fried savoury pastry
Savoury pancake
Sweet savoury semolina upma
Spicy jackfruit polos garlic toast
Ulunthu fritters vada
Vegetable fritters
Yogurt fritters vada
Zucchini fritters