Shortbread Cookies

Dating back to 12th century Scotland, shortbread cookies have been a holiday essential. This year Gay Lea Foods is embracing the shortbread tradition with delicious treats that will appeal to everyone in the family, as well as, hostesses having holiday parties. This Winter Wonderland Shortbread Snowmen are adorable edible crafts to make with our kids and decorate using gum drop for earmuffs, liquorice for scarves and chocolate chip for buttons. 

Getting into the holiday giving mood, Gay Lea has developed an interactive, digital Shortbread Bliss Kitchen where visitors have the opportunity to play games to obtain new recipes and win daily prizes.

We joined in the fun and made some shortbread cookies, here is our family's favourite shortbread recipe.

11 tbsp butter
1/3 cup sugar plus sprinkling
1 cup flour
5 tbsp cornstarch

I used salted butter, but the choice is yours. Beat the sugar and butter for about 2 to 3 minutes until it is light and fluffy. Then sift the flour and cornstarch, and add it to the sugar mixture using your hands to make a dough.

Line a 7" springform removable bottom pan with parchment paper. Then place the dough mixture in the pan and press to fill the pan by making the top smooth and even. Score the wedges or squares using a sharp knife. Then prick all over the dough with a fork. Wrap with plastic wrap and chill for an hour. 

Bake in a 325F preheated oven for 30 to 40 minutes until it is golden and firm. After baking score the shortbread and sprinkle with reserved sugar. Cool completely and cut the pieces. This shortbread will stay well for about 5 day in an airtight container.

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  1. I am loving it.. very yummm :)

  2. Shortbread cookies look wonderful and love the little snowmen :)

  3. Delicious shortbread cookies, love it.

  4. this looks so yum... really simple recipe...

  5. I have never given a try to shortbread cookies using cornflour. Would love to try your family favorite cookies asap...thanks for sharing :-) They certainly look great.

    1. It is a mixture of flour and cornstarch hope you try :)

  6. Such lovely cookies, I love shortbread!

  7. Very apt for Christmas. Cookies looks great.

  8. what a cute idea to make shortbread snowmen!

  9. Lovely cookies :) I will have them along with my coffee cup ;)


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