بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم
Greetings!  Welcome to torview.

I started this blog as a fun place for us to refer to our family recipes and some fun things we do as the seasons pass.

The food I make are influenced by my love for trying different food from many parts of the world.  I have adapted the recipes to fit Islamic dietary restrictions.  The diversity in the food I make are a reflection of my family background and our home, Canada.      

I am a self taught cook, with most recipes from family and some from the internet (which I have mentioned), articles and cooking shows. 
My daughter, son and husband have been supportive and encouraging in making me a good cook and growing my interest in photography.  Check out our flickr photostream.

Please feel free to comment, try out the recipes and let me know.  Refer to the pages for easy surfing.  


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