Maille Flavoured Kebab and Vegetables Grilled in MR. BAR-B-Q Grilling Basket

La Maison Maille have been making mustard for 268 years, and they have set the standard for Dijon mustard. Maille is the leading premium producer of mustard, vinegar, and French cornichons in France because of its attention to detail and carefully selected ingredients. The production of mustard dates back to early Roman cuisine, where they combined mustard seeds with unfermented grape juice and called it mustum ardens that is now known as mustard. Mustard has many different varieties, and can be used beyond a topping for hamburgers and hot dogs. Maille products are available in select gourmet grocery stores and supermarkets in Canada.
Dijon mustard has been a culinary staple in French cuisine for decades is made with brown and black mustard seeds mixed with vinegar or white wine. Dijon mustard works well in vinaigrettes, sauces, and marinades where a little flavour goes a long way.  

Honey mustard has a sweet note, and pairs well with light dishes such as chicken, salads, and fish. It can even be used in desserts, check Maille's site to see delicious desserts made with mustard. The Extra Hot mustard is made with brown mustard seeds and is soaked with less vinegar to help it retain the heat of mustard seeds. Some varieties are flavoured with garlic, and hot peppers. This robust flavour mustard goes well with roast beef and sandwiches. 
We like the flavour of Maille hand picked cornichons. These small and crunchy gherkins add a delicious taste in burgers and wraps. 
The rich and creamy flavour combination of the mustard goes well with many dishes. I marinated the meat with Maille Dijon mustard, and the flavour turned out delicious.

about 1 lb. meat cut into cubes
1 tbsp Maille Dijon mustard
2 tbsp yogurt
1/2 tsp chillie powder
1/2 tsp coriander powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp salt

Marinate all the ingredients overnight in the fridge.
When you are ready to barbecue put the meat through a skewer, and alternate it with pepper and red onion. Put this between the grilling basket and barbecue on high heat until the meat is cooked through. 
This awesome barbecue tool from MR. BAR-B-Q made flipping food fun and convenient. I love using this oversized grilling basket that has a removable handle, which makes barbecuing easy and exciting. We can easily adjust the height of the basket depending on the type of food we put inside, so the food stays put when we flip it. 
I enjoy the convenience of using this grilling basket because we don't have to flip each piece of barbecue one at a time. Leaving the grill open while we turn each piece makes the barbecue loose its heat quickly, it can get quite hot while we stand there and turn the food, and sometimes small cut pieces may fall in between; all these can be avoided when we use this grilling basket. 
This grilling basket makes barbecuing steaks, hamburgers, chicken, kebab, fish, fruit, and vegetables easy. I love that it is non-stick so I can easily clean it by hand with soap and water. I like the removable handle that comes with this oversized grilling basket. It is easy to put the handle in place when we are ready to turn, and to remove before closing the barbecue. Make sure to use this handle when you flip this basket and wear mitts because it can get hot quite quickly. MR. BAR-B-Q products are available at Marshalls, Homesense, and Winners. 
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  5. I like the idea of using a basket to cook kebabs. It would be so much easier than turning them individually. I had never thought of using mustard in a marinade so I will have to try your recipe. :-)

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