Cold desserts event announcement

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the lovely support and encouraging comments. I am excited to announce an event for the Summer between July 20 to August 20. The roundup will be before Summer ends so we all get a chance to try the recipes.
I have been making lots of cold desserts this Summer and probably you have too.
  1. Please send in any dessert that is served cold, archived recipes are accepted.
  2. Be sure to link this announcement page and place a logo in your post any size.
  3. Email me at subject cold desserts
  • Your name
  • Blog name
  • Name of the recipe
  • URL of the recipe
  • Picture of the recipe
If you don't have a blog and would like to participate please do send the information by email and I will include it at the round up.

Have fun. Looking forward to hear from you all.

Take a look at these desserts which are simple to make ranging from smoothies, puddings, Indian sweets and more; your taste buds will not complain :)
Stay tuned for the next event with a surprise.

Here is a token of appreciation for participating in this event.


  1. That's a very cooling summer event, will try to send my entries :-)

  2. Akheela, definitely participating in :)

  3. Definitely i'll send my entries...happy hosting..

  4. Posted a dessert 2 days ago and will update it for the event.Will send u more..Happy hosting :)

  5. Hi dear!
    It will be a lovely event! Thanks for organizing!

  6. Hello Dear,

    Count me in...Love to send in my entries to this delicious event. Am your happy follower now...:)
    Keep on rocking..

  7. Good luck with the event and I am definately sending in some enteries.
    Just one question,Are multiple enteries allowed?I have so much to share :)

  8. happy hosting and 'm ur follower now..........

  9. Hi

    Nice event..

    Is old post allowed if it is reposted?

    Check out for some more events in this August month in my blog

  10. Hi nice event. You can announce it here Will send my entries soon.

  11. Hi, first time here..nice event!! I'm going to try to participate...

  12. I got your comment on my blog. I wanted to double confirm if milkshakes are going to be accepted for this event? Thank You

  13. Hey Cool event in hot summer dear...

    Preethi Ram


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