Event announcement

To all blogging friends,

I have about 120 recipes in my blog and have participated in many events, and have seen exciting roundups. Now its time for another blogging journey of hosting an event.

I am announcing my first event as a guest host for Priya's Veggie/Fruit a month event: corn.

This month it is about the benefits of Corn.
  • It has nutrients such as Vitamin B1 and carbohydrates good for our metabolism
  • Vitamin B5 for physiological functions
  • Folate helps generate new cells important for before and after pregnancy
  • Vitamin C to fight diseases
  • The fiber in corn helps in digestive ailments, lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, lowers cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, age related vision loss.
As it is Summer in this part of the world we can find lots of it. In the other parts of the world where it many not be in Season please feel free to use canned corn, or even masa de harina, corn flour, corn meal, corn starch and share some recipes with us.

The rules of the event.
  1. Please link this announcement page and Priya's event page.
  2. We would like a new recipe with the event links and logo that can be resized.
  3. Make sure the star vegetable is the star and presented in some form in any meal course.
  4. If you would like to participate and do not have a blog please feel free to email; your name, recipe and picture. I will put it up with your details at the roundup in the beginning of August.
  5. This event will be from July 1 to July 31, 2010
  6. Include the following in the email to torviewtoronto@gmail.com
  • Subject line corn event
  • Your name
  • Your site name
  • Your site url
  • Recipe name
  • Recipe url
  • Picture of the recipe
Thank you for participating looking forward to your emails and hosting more events in the future.


  1. Will surely send in entries, Happy hosting
    Enroll your event in http://events-n-roundups.blogspot.com/ & http://sarafoodevents.blogspot.com/

    This will help spread the word. Happy hosting once again

  2. Happy hosting dear. Best of luck for your first event. Will surely participate. This way I can use more corn in my meal, as I hardly do :)

  3. Happy hosting, will definitely send my entries soon..

  4. count me in...u hv a lovley space.with great store of delicious n yum recipes.following u>>>>>

  5. Happy hosting.Will surely send u an entry

  6. Happy Hosting dear...you can count me in..

  7. First time here,so glad to follow ur recipes,will send my entry too...
    do visit my blog if time permits,


  8. Nice theme. am sending my entries today.

  9. Assalamu alaikkum. Iam a first time visitor. Found your event interesting. Inshallah shall try to send a recipe soon...Happy Hosting :)

  10. Will you take entries like popcorn? Let me know.

  11. New to your blog !! U have a nice blog.Will try to participate in your event

  12. Happy hosting!! I'll send a recipe soon.


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