Food palette series black

hank you to everyone who have participated and supported by linking up their delicious dishes at
ood palette series black until August 31st

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Please put a link to the event with the logo on your post

No dishes with alcohol or pork ingredients

End product or ingredients used can be
black (pepper, mustard seeds, nigella seeds, onion seeds, basil seeds, poppy seeds, tea, raisins, nori seaweed, black berries, dates, etc.)

Maximum 2 per blog, new post is preferred but archived are welcome

Use the linky list below or email me the URL of your post at
I will add the picture of your post below.

Event is open to everyone from all over the world just for fun :)

Looking forward to your continuous support have fun and link up.

All rights reserved on photographs and written content Torviewtoronto © 2011 unless mentioned. Please Ask First

1.Steak pan fried 2.Teriyaki stir fry3.Mussels in tomato broth4.Pepper jeera puri
5.VathaKuzhambu thokku 6.Chard masala7.Eggplant bharta8.Lamb biryani
9.Chicken with dried fenugreek leaves10.Broccoli stuffed potato balls11.Black bean soup12.Yogurt vada
13.Beef stir fry14.Dal makhani15.Stuffed zucchini16.Beef stir fry
17.Black gram dal dosa18.Chickpeas curry19.Kidney beans curry20.Sweet black glutinous porridge
21.Zereshk pulao22.Portobellini green bell pepper pasta23.Dragonfruit black sesame mochi ice cream24.Chicken bread
25.Tandoori chicken26.Mushroom pepper fry27.Colocasia fry28.Sautéed baby corns
29.Creamy chicken parcels30.Black sesame yoghurt mousse cake31.Black bottom cupcake32.Zucchini sabji
33.Chicken soup34.Potato in poppy seed35.Salad with mustard dressing36.Finger millet and gram flour sweet
37.Black gram and chickpea curry38.Dragon fruit jackfruit salad39.Black channa rice40.Black rice pudding
41.Black gram herbed paneer curry42.Black sesame sweet43.Ivy gourd fry44.Black gram steamed cake
45.Black bean curry46.Cranberry poppy loaf


  1. Hi...Thnx for liking my blog...Your space also looks very good with very nice recipes....I would love to participate in the event...

  2. WOW! It's fun :) I want to link mine too!

  3. Thats a great event... Will send in some recipes soon...

  4. fun event all in black...will try and send a recipe....
    happy hosting dear...

  5. All the best! Will send my entry!

  6. This is my first time linking up. I submitted the mussels, they are one of my favorite meals! Be careful not to over salt though. I look forward to seeing all of the recipes. Thanks!

  7. Wow!! Black!! Nice event. Will try to come up with something :)

  8. Ooh, black color series. This should be interesting. I'll start thinking!

  9. Black is my favorite color. Nice event and will send something..

  10. I was wondering what contributors were going to post that was black...glad to see your suggestions! Love your color series~

  11. Like this! Sounds great - I remember when you did red! Okay.... thinking it!

  12. Wow blacks my fave color! Will post something really soon iA :)

  13. Interesting Black !! will try to participate !!

    Ongoing Event - CC-Roti Pachadi/Chutney

  14. very interesting event..
    just linked my entry..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  15. Happy hosting, I will be looking forward to all the recipe as I am intrigued by the color black.

  16. fun event! great to see all the submissions!

  17. Happy Hosting and wish you a successful event!

  18. Looks like a fun event. I joined in with a Spicy Black Bean Soup!

  19. Nice event, black is sure good color.

  20. Black ---- I have to think about this one. Sorry, I missed last month. I completely forgot. I have to get myself a calendar to mark everything.

  21. Hi Akheela,

    I have added another entry to this event - Zereshk Pulao. Ramadan Kareem :)

  22. Akheela, I've just posted my link to this event. Thanks again for hosting!

  23. Assalamaleikum,
    Ramadan mubarak. Very innovative idea for an event. I have linked my recipe for Chicken bread since it uses black pepper powder.Hope you like it.

  24. Ohh my,this is difficult Torview!;)I would so love to participate but will have to figure out something in black!Let me see if I can find something which I can link up to your event!Lovely collection so far:)


  25. I love anything black, now time to try this with my cooking.....I will submit something dark!!

  26. I have linked my recipe for Creamy Chicken Parcels since it's spiced with black pepper. Hope you like it.
    Happy hosting !

  27. I've just linked up my post for this event.
    Thank you for hosting :)

  28. Wow...suddenly so many entries.. Good job, thanks for hosting :)

  29. just came across this event wish would have seen it before :( n hey do check my first event

  30. Thanks for hosting. I have new event themed "Natural Colour Bake" this month until 30th September, check out my website -

    Hope to see your participation soon :)


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