Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Reports show that in the United States for 2014, about 62,900 new thyroid cancer cases will be diagnosed. Medullary thyroid cancer is a rare form of cancer located in the thyroid gland at the base of the throat, which represents about three to four percent of all thyroid cancers. Since it is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, AstraZeneca has launched the online resource center to provide information and support specifically designed for people living with advanced medullary thyroid cancer (aMTC) and their loved ones. This site allows people to understand the hurdles associated with this rare disease, and comfort those who have it.

Resources currently available on include first-person videos and information to help viewers navigate common challenges that they may encounter during the medullary thyroid cancer journey. Given some of the unique situations faced by caregivers of those living with aMTC, also provides resources tailored to their needs. AstraZeneca plans to update on an ongoing basis to include additional educational materials and support tools.
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