ActiFry an Appliance to Make Oil Free Fries

We love fries, but I don’t enjoy frying them with lots of oil because it is unhealthy. The thought of all that oil being absorbed in our body is the reason why I don’t make fries often, as we would like eating fries. I love that by using the T-Fal ActiFry we don’t have to use anymore than a tablespoon of oil to fry 1 kilogram of potatoes or other vegetables. I found that the fries come out crispy just like it would if it was deep fried, but this is better without the oil. This way we can enjoy fries more often than we usually would without the excess fat and calories. The ActiFry Express, made in France is the second generation ActiFry that is faster, more powerful, and efficient.
My only con is the appliance is big, and takes up storage space and is not compact enough to keep on the counter, especially because I like keeping my counter space open. I thought I could fry breaded snacks and fritters in this device, however it doesn’t work well with these types of items because the machine rotates the food as it cooks and softer breaded food and fritters looses its shape and breaks apart. The ActiFry is somewhat similar to a hands-free stir-fry, and it is not a deep fryer.  
I like the convenience of putting cut vegetables in the ActiFry and setting the timer and allowing it to do its job without constantly watching as it “fries”. This way I can prepare other dishes, and once in a while look through the clear lid to see if the food looks crispy enough for us without opening the machine. We can also smell the aroma as the food gets cooked. For 1 kg of cut potato fries it takes about half an hour. For our family of four, we found the portions a little less, but there is a benefit in this as everyone can control the portions easily for healthy meals.
The aerodynamic chamber with the airflow keeps the internal temperature consistent, and the large turbine propels hot air to cook the food faster. The ActiFry Express’s patented stirring paddle mixes the food and spreads the oil uniformly making sure the vegetables are cooked through and is seasoned. The stirring paddle and the bowl is dishwasher safe, although I found it easy to wash it by hand. The gourmet recipes that comes with the ActiFry express is useful in getting us started, as we can prepare a variety of meals from appetizers to desserts. I like the touch of the button ease of using the T-Fal ActiFry. There is no need for preheating, or stirring. All we have to do is add our vegetables or other food, add the oil and spices then set the timer and let the ActiFry cook until the timer goes off. The machine does not turn off automatically, so we have to be close to it to hear the sound. 
Overall, I like the ActiFry because it allows me to make fries using a variety of root vegetables without using too much oil and get the same crispy delicious fries we enjoy. For a full list of retailers check

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  1. I just bought a Tfal fryer but it wasn't an Actifry as I didn't have the money. I love my other one but have heard great things about this one. Some day...

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  2. I so want to try this appliance, but they are so expensive

  3. I have always wanted to try this machine... fries without a ton of oil.. sounds great. :)

  4. I have been very curious about these "fryers". Thanks for your review.

  5. I hear nothing but good things about this appliance. I predict one in the near future
    (Debbie W)

  6. I am really interested in these healthy fryers! I have heard great things about the Actifry!

  7. I have never tried ActiFry foods. My mother in law has it and loves it.


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