Canning Tomatoes

fresh tomato canning
It is easy to can fresh tomatoes during the summer for winter use. These water bath canned tomatoes jars last for over a year. However, I tend to use it within the year. 
fresh tomato canning
First, wash the tomatoes and put in a food processor and crush it until it is crushed to your preference. 
fresh tomato canning
Let the tomatoes boil down until the water evaporates. I leave it on medium heat and boil until it is thick and most of the water evaporates.
Add 1/4 tsp turmeric optional, salt and sugar to preference. Once it boils add a bit of lemon juice.
fresh tomatoes canning
Boil the jars well in the canning pot. Put the lids and the screw tops in a container, pour some of the boiling water and leave it until it is ready to be used. 

Remove the jars carefully and put 1/4 tsp citric acid and 1/2 tsp sugar to each pint jar. Use the funnel and fill the jars to the top up to the rim. It leaves about 1/2" space. Put the lid and screw the top. 
fresh tomato canning
Place it carefully in the hot water and boil for about 20 to 25 minutes. Carefully remove the jars and leave it aside for about 24 to 48 hours without moving it and then store it in a cool place. Once opened, keep it refrigerated and use it within 3 to 5 days.
fresh tomato canning
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