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Featured publication
March 15, 2011 Mascarpone cheese featured at food chics
March 24, 2011 Tomato coconut chutney Featured as daily special chutney
May 16, 2011 Papaya juice at foodista 
July 29, 2011 Rhubarb chutney Featured as daily special chutney
August 30, 2011 Banana pancakes time for breakfast Featured as top 9 on Dailybuzz Moms
September 5, 2011 Banana fritters featured as most delish at the basics magazine 
July 27, 2012 Beef with olives and garlic featured as the recipe of the day at Cookbookkarma 
August 3, 2012 Mango ice cream featured as the recipe of the day on Recipes.ca
September 1, 2012 Pickled green chillie featured as the top 9 on Dailybuzz Moms

Food buzz top 9
August 14, 2010 Nanaimo bars was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9
October 20, 2010 Jelly pudding was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9
November 19, 2010 Coconut toffee was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9
January 12, 2011 Pumpkin curry was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9
February 8, 2011 Date oat squares was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9
March 22, 2011 Samosa was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9

July 25, 2010  Smelt fry served with rice, pumpkin currybitter gourd salad for the Gulf Ambassador event to fundraise for the Gulf coast oil spill fund.
March 20, 2011 Samosa goes to ovarian cancer research cause and the Top 9 takeover.

Events and roundup

December 2012
  1. Mysoor lentil fritters at MLLA #54
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November 2012
  1. BWW #59
October 2012
  1. Tuscan cookbook at BWW #53
  2. Plum crumble cake at Feast of Sacrifice event

September 2012
  1. Eggless vanilla ice cream at show me your dessert
  2. Green banana peel chutney at MLLA #51
  3. Carrot zucchini cupcakes at cupcake garden
August 2012
  1. Millet flour steamed meal pittu at Know your flours millet event, cooking with seeds, SIC #1 
  2. Sweet snack murukku at Eid event
  3. Naan flat bread at dish name starts with N
  4. Herbal rice porridge at no croutons required
  5. Bitter melon curry at walk through the memory lane, 30 minutes meal mela, MLLA #50
  6. Bitter melon from the garden at black and white wednesday
July 2012
  1. Know your flours millet event 
  2. Garam masala at grind your cooking masala
  3. Mango salad at rainbow food for toddlers, cooking with love uncle, no croutons required 
  4. Beef with garlic and olives at Joy from fasting to feasting V, Ramadan friendly recipes
  5. Green gram and rice dessert at taste of tropics
  6. Vegetable egg filled buns at yeastspotting
  7. Check out more events at Food blog diary and Events and roundup and Sara's food events and roundup and Food blog news
June 2012
  1. Pomegranate orange juice and at Cooking with love Aunt event 
  2. Chiffon cake at cake recipes
  3. Savoury bread toast with avocado dip at yeastspotting
  4. Mango chutney at Mango mania 99only mango, dish name starts with M
  5. Leek potato soup at JC100, souper sunday and soup kitchen
May 2012
  1. Chocolate mousse at JC100
April 2012
  1. Spaghetti and meatballs at yeastspotting, healthy morsels, spotlight lunch box 
  2. Baklava goes to flavours of Turkey
  3. Challah bread goes to yeastspotting, love baking 3, only snacks and starters 
March 2012
  1. Apricot chutney at EP series cilantro and cumin
  2. Gulab jamun at Indian food palooza
  3. Pan fried fish curry at easy healthy lunch
  4. Zucchini chocolate muffins at cake cookies dessert, spotlight colourful holi, I'm the star
  5. Nut pilau at stir fried, colourful palette
February 2012
  1. Cardamom pastries at cook with spices and tea time snack
  2. Egg appetizers at super bowl party
  3. Cabbage salad at souper sundays and cookbook sundays 
  4. Coconut macaroons at  tea time treats by Karen and Katebookmarked recipestea time snacksweet luv, valentine festanyone can cook,Valentine specialdish for loved onesshow me your hitsstreet foodvalentine celebrations and bake fest at tomato bluescake, cookies and dessertwalk through memory lanekid's delight sweet at Edible entertainmentjust 4 fun
January 2012
  1. Chocolate beet cake at New u, ABC series dessert, cooking concept chocolate fest
  2. Beef curry with cashew and coconut at MLLA 43 and savoury sunday
  3. Almond cream at celebrations 2011
  4. Purple cabbage curry at healing food and winter vegetable
  5. Cucumber salad at veggie fruit a month cucumber, healthy hearty, kids delight colour palette, souper sunday
December 2011
  1. Bread pudding a yeast spotting and breakfast club bread 
  2. Chickpeas and milk rice at flavours of Sri lanka 
  3. Rice flour buttermilk fritters at snack mela
  4. Sago coconut cookies at yeastspotting, christmas delicacy, coconut desserts, jingle all the way, sinful delight
  5. Avocado mousse pudding at Lets cook for christmas
November 2011
  1. Panko coated fried chicken at midweek fiesta 
  2. Green gram and rice dessert at CWS mung beans
  3. Flower decorated cake at bakefest
  4. Ivy gourd stir fry at healthy cooking challenge, celebration of Indian food, Indian vegetarian recipeMLLA 41 
  5. Jaggery flan at back to the roots and winter carnival
  6. Plantain curry at veggie fruit a month plantain
  7. Apple pie at desserts apple
  8. Steamed buns at flavours of china
  9. Eggplant casserole at herbs and flowers spring onion
  10. Pizza with homemade sauce at yeastspotting
October 2011
  1. Food palette series finale rainbow colours at Torviewtoronto
  2. Artisan bread at yeastspotting and HCC healthy bakes
  3. Nutella cupcakes at cooking concepts festive food
  4. String hopper sweet at Diwali specialserve it festival potluckonly series sweets and dessertsmy diwali my waydiwali festival of lights
September 2011
  1. Food palette series finale rainbow colours at Torviewtoronto 
  2. Grape leaf rolls at food palette and simple and in season and sunday special
  3. Pickle at healthy lunch box ideas dates 
  4. Tomato jam goes to F for fruit curries and condiment mela
  5. Potato fenugreek curry at dish it out
  6. Kashmiri kebab at what's on your kebab platter
August 2011
  1. Food palette series black at Torviewtoronto 
  2. Rice with vermicelli at fasting to feasting and foods for fasting
  3. Spiced soup rasam at flavours of India, fast food not fat food, cooking concept appetizer, monsoon medley, souper sunday
  4. Spiced up blackberries at black and white
  5. Fried treacle rice flour sweet at serve it fried and kids delight crunchy snack
  6. Microwave milk fudge at bookmarked tuesday, microwave easy cooking, MMK 
  7. Beef stew at Hyderabadi food festival
  8. Raspberry frozen yogurt at ice cream challenge
  9. Zucchini herb omelette at e for egg recipes and friday potluck
  10. Bread pudding at let's bake bread together
July 2011
  1. Food palette series purple at Torviewtoronto 
  2. Potato gravy curry at stuffed potato eventsubzis for rotisWhat's everyone having for IftarIftar night, dish it out and potluck dinner
  3. Banana raspberry mango smoothie at iftar moments and meatless mondays
  4. Savoury pancake at MLLA 37, healthy fibre and protein
  5. Mango milkshake at mango recipes, friday night drinks, hearth and soul 57
  6. Strawberry muffins at only baked, celebrate sweets cake, d for dessert, kid's delight, veggie/ fruit a month orange
  7. Rhubarb chutney at quick easy recipe mela, signature recipes and roti pachadi chutney
  8. Fish stew at souper sundays, MLLA 36
  9. Mushroom red pepper curry at dish it out
  10. Roasted cauliflower at healthy snacks
June 2011

  1. Food palette series purple at Torviewtoronto
  2. Spinach stir fried at dish it out
  3. Lotus root curry at MMK
  4. Paneer gravy curry at stuffed paneer and get grilling
  5. Swiss potato pancakes at AWED switzerland and simple and in season
  6. Steamed eggplant yogurt salad at food palette purple and salad spread
  7. Banana pancakes at healing foods banana
  8. Lemonade with mint at serve it chilled, anyone can cook
  9. Vanilla ice cream at letz relishh ice creams, only ice creams, bookmarked tuesdays, hearth and soul
May 2011
  1. Asparagus potato soup at souper sundays, fast food, no croutons required, simple and in season, healthy summer
  2. Zucchini fritters at smackdown battle
  3. Stir fried tofu at MLLA 35 and CBB
  4. Shrimp noodles at fast food noodles
  5. Papaya juice at sukham coolers, summer coolers, mocktail and coolers
  6. Potato pancakes at AWED Swiss simple and in season
  7. Winter melon curry at CWS mustard seeds
  8. Watermelon carving at create n carve
April 2011
  1. Food palette series Pink at Torviewtoronto 
  2. Rice flour pancakes at dish name starts with h
  3. Pancakes with sweet coconut filling at breakfast club pancakes, flavours of bengal
  4. Raspberry frozen yogurt at celebrate sweet ice cream, hearth and soul 42 
  5. Steak pan fried at MLLA 34 and garnishing event
  6. Rice pudding at celebrate sweets rice, cbb evening tiffin and breakfast mela
  7. Bitter melon crocodile at create and carve
  8. Quinoa with vegetable at hearth and soul 44, WWC quinoa, no croutons required, souper sunday, kids delight
March 2011
  1. Food palette series Brown at Torviewtoronto
  2. Deep fried stuffed bread Kachori at MLLA 33, breakfast idea, b for breakfast and flavours of Maharashtra, AWED India
  3. Tamarind rice at CBB chettinad special
  4. Carrot halwa at celebrate sweets warm dessert 
  5. Winter melon curry at hearth and soul # 41treat your eyes, c for curry
  6. Tomato coconut chutney at fast food not fat food, walking through memory lane, cooking with whole food tomatoes
  7. Green gram and rice dessert at dish name starts with g
February 2011
  1. Food palette series Brown at Torviewtoronto
  2. Food palette series Green at Torviewtoronto
  3. Fish curry at dish name with F
  4. Semolina steamed cake at Idly
  5. Cauliflower fritters at MLLA 32
  6. Date oat squares at CWF oats
  7. Green beans ginger lemon curry at ginger and garlic healing food
January 2011
  1. Food palette series Green at Torviewtoronto
  2. Naan at yeastspotting, bake off and bookmarked tuesdays and comfort food
  3. Banana fritters at Flavours of Goa
  4. Eggplant curry with coconut at healing food eggplant
  5. Yogurt custard at breakfast club yogurt
  6. Egg rice at dish name starts with E
  7. Rice flake breakfast at HRH rice flakes
  8. Orange basket at create and carve
  9. Potato fenugreek curry at veggie/fruit a month potato, hearth and soul, winter warmersMLLA #31, anyone can cook
  10. Green gram rice dessert at pongal feast
  11. Beef barley soup at soup event
December 2010
  1. Food palette series White at Torviewtoronto 
  2. Garlic buns at yeastspotting, bake off and bookmarked tuesdays
  3. Oats and dry fruit cookies at CWF oats and WWC
  4. Green gram rice dessert at MLLA 30 and Anyone can cook
  5. Banana cereal cookies at Veggie/Fruit a month banana
  6. Paella rice at regional recipes Brazil
  7. Scones at monthly mingle chocolate extravaganza, breakfast club, bakeomania, its time to jingle again, bake off, cookies and cake
  8. Lentil dal curry at dish name starts with D
  9. Yogurt custard at celebrate sweet bengali dessert, regional cuisine, celebrate sweets sugarless dessert 
  10. Broccoli stir fry at healing food broccoli, only greens and hearth and soul
  11. Apple pie puff pastry at AWED France and yeastspotting 
  12. Sweet filled string hoppers at thank you mom
November 2010
  1. Food palette series Red at Torviewtoronto
  2. Complete my thali flat bread at Torviewtoronto
  3. Pumpkin whoopie pie at hearth and soul, bookmarked Tuesdays
  4. Sour cream coffee cake at cookbook sundays and dish name starts with C
  5. Fried chicken with rice crispy at chicken recipes
  6. Afghani biryani at MKMW Afghanistan
  7. Churros at regional recipes Brazil
  8. Sambar lentil soup at Souper sunday and MLLA 29
October 2010
  1. Food palette series Orange at Torviewtoronto 
  2. Yogurt vada at MLLA 28, cooking for kids festive food, hearth and soul, anyone can cook, flavours of punjab, bookmarked Tuesdays
  3. Beetroot party sandwiches at kids delight finger food
  4. Chocolate cake with raspberry jam at sugar high fridays layer cake
  5. Vegetable noodles soup at no croutons required and souper sundays
  6. Pickle at complete my thali pickle
  7. Bread pudding at Breakfast club 4 
  8. Sushi rice at regional recipes Japan
September 2010
  1. Yellow rice and milk rice at Festive rice event at Torviewtoronto
  2. Chocolate cake with raspberry jam at we should cocoa and bake off
  3. Beetroot curry at healing food beetroot
  4. Kataifi at hearth and soul 14
  5. Rolls at Indianized chinese rolls at global kadai
  6. Semolina raisins and nuts ladoo at celebrate sweets ladoo
  7. Bulgur wheat salad at AWED saudi arabia, MKMW morocco, dish name starts with B
  8. Mint chutney at complete my thali
  9. Okra with coconut at veggie/fruit a month okra and visual treat
  10. Eggplant curry with coconut at MLLA #27
August 2010
  1. Nanaimo bars at MKMW Canada
  2. Avocado roti at Dish name starts with A
  3. Blueberry yogurt smoothie at two for tuesdays Vol 10 
  4. Sweet filled string hoppers at steamy kitchen
  5. Beef barley soup at 10th Mediterranean cooking Slovenia and souper sundays
  6. Zucchini fritters at BSI flour, Joy from fasting to feasting III, kitchen bootcamp
  7. Cucumber salad with yogurt at two for tuesdays, flavours of Gujarat, bookmarked tuesdays, souper sundays
  8. Kashmiri kebab at a visual treat
  9. Spinach palak paneer paneer with vegetables at letz relishh
  10. Almond cottage cheese sweets and Peda ricotta cheese at celebrate sweets peda and SHF bite sized dessert
  11. Chickpeas curry at healing foods tomato, BSI garbanzo beans, MLLA #26, Think spice think fennel, show me your curry, CWF chickpeas
  12. Vegetable soup at No croutons required
  13. Beetroot party sandwiches at two for tuesdays Vol 9, Iftar moments Hijri 1431, yeastspotting, lets munch, kids delight, monthly mingle party treats 
  14. Bean sprouts salad at lets sprout
  15. Chickpeas at CWF chickpeas
  16. Chocolate biscuit pudding at DMBLGIT
  17. Roasted rice and jaggery at Iftar moments Hijri 1431, kids delight
  18. Corn and vegetable salad at prairiestory 
  19. Baklava zucchini fritters at A.W.E.D Turkey and 11th Mediterranean cooking Egypt
  20. Berry muffins at Breakfast club #3 muffins and kids delight
  21. Brownies at no bake cake
July 2010
  1. Steamed corn corn soup and corn salad at Veggie/Fruit a month: corn event guest host Torviewtoronto
  2. Pumpkin dal curry at MLLA25
  3. Corn and vegetable salad at monthly mingle party treats and Iftar moments Hijri 1431
  4. Berry muffins at two for tuesdays 7 and kids delight
  5. Bread pudding at cold dessert eventIftar moments Hijri 1431, A taste of Holidays, lets munch, yeastspotting, bake off and MKMW USA
  6. Avocado roti at Indianized flatbreads global kadai
  7. Coconut roti and sweet semolina sago porridge at No croutons required 
  8. Caramel pudding at cold dessert, iftar moment hijri 1431, regional recipes Puerto rico, AWED Turkey and two for Tuesdays 7
  9. Coconut pittu at Scrumptious Delights From Leftovers
  10. Pumpkin curry with milk at think spice think fenugreek
  11. Omelette with vegetables at Breakfast club eggs and vegetarian foodie fridays and two for Tuesdays 5
  12. Italian bread at Bread baking day #32yeastspottingbake off, eat, pray and love Italian challenge
  13. Vegetable soup at healing food carrots and simple lives Thursday and two for tuesdays 6
  14. Baked buns at Iftar moments, yeastspotting and two for Tuesdays 6
  15. Sweet savoury semolina at BSI onion
  16. Semolina tapioca porridge at cooking with seeds sago
  17. Hot chocolate and doughnut and caramel pudding A.W.E.D in Spain
  18. Nimma rasam at side dishes from India
June 2010
  1. Vegetable couscous and meat ball curry at 9th Mediterranean cooking Tunisia
  2. Sushi nigirizushi and temakizushi at I love my dad
  3. Carrot cake at vegetable marathon carrot
  4. Meat sandwich with tzatziki sauce and pepper tomato at 8th Mediterranean cooking Cyprus
  5. Cornflake muffin and lemon square at Baking from a book and breadmania
  6. Cantaloupe juice and kebab skewers at Sizzling Summer
  7. Avocado juice, avocado roti and avocado salad at a Veggie/Fruit a month
  8. French toast at Global kadai Indianized french toast
  9. Rice crispy squares and lemon squares at Sugar high Friday
  10. Lemon squares at Best out of waste
  11. Sweet savoury semolina and milk rice kiribath at Breakfast club Asian
  12. DMBLGIT June Biryani with lime in gallery
  13. Eggplant rice at Think spice Garam masala and Blogger secret ingredient rice (June 13)
  14. Dal roti at MLLA24
  15. Chicken pepper curry at cooking with seeds pepper
  16. Onion tomato salad at healing food onion and his cooking and side dish showdown
  17. Papadums at what's lurking in my kitchen
  18. Blueberry crumb cake at soccer mania and bake off (June 25)
May 2010
  1. Soya meat curry at Think spice tamarind roundup
  2. Chickpeas and Crab curry at MLLA23
  3. Sweet and spicy onion sambal and Carrot salad at Twenty-20 cooking
  4. Soya meat curry at Twenty-20 cooking
  5. Fried plantain curry and peas, carrot, cashew curry at Green gourmet W 'Rite' food
  6. Hibiscus juice and Thulasi holy basi leaf juice at Home remedy joy of cooking
  7. Hibiscus juice and watermelon juice at show me your smoothie
  8. Dal curry at Delicious dal
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