Mr. Sunshine's Colourful Snacks

Vincenzo (Vince) Guzzo, Montreal based business owner and Dragons’ Den judge is continuing to push his entrepreneurial initiatives with the official expansion of his Mr. Sunshine brand to include locally made popcorn. We tasted three different popcorn flavours, which are perfect for our movie nights. 
mr sunshine brand
  • Movie-Style Butter Flavoured is the perfect pre-made popcorn when you don't feel like making fresh popcorn.
  • Choconana is candied popcorn with a combination of banana and chocolate flavour. 
  • Rossella’s Tie-Dye is a colourful candied popcorn which has a combination of three flavours; banana, blue raspberry and strawberry. 
Some of the other flavours scheduled to be rolled out soon include Ruddy Lad's Sriracha,  Giulietta Truffle, Mother Maria’s French Toast, Parmigiano, Notte In Bianco, and Little Ms. Sunshine Cotton Candy.
We also enjoyed a variety of snacks, perfect for any occasion!
The delicious Chocolate Bites include four different flavours; almonds, raisins, coconut almonds, and caramel covered in creamy milk chocolate.  
The different milk chocolate bars include chocolate with almonds, crispy rice, and caramel. 
There are assorted chewy candies, and snack mixes that include BBQ peanuts. These are wonderful to serve during get-togethers or to take along when travelling.
Mr. Sunshine snacks are available to purchase online within Canada by ordering at 

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