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Our kitchen and bar stools

bar stools

This post is about a handy piece of furniture that is useful around the house especially the kitchen. There are so many types of barstools out there, that when we go to shop for these stools; it is easy to get lost :) In my opinion because these stools can be used anywhere in the house it is a wonderful addition to have.

It doesn't matter if the kitchen is large or small, because having a stool will be convenient. A stool gives extra seating and some of these stools can be stored away under tables. There are some that match the style of dinning room chairs. 

For a small kitchen with less space, it can be easy to use when preparing meals or while eating like in a breakfast bar. 

A 12" space between the counter and seat is important to sit comfortably, so the person's feet can fit under the counter. That is why counter height stools are 24" to 27" high, because work spaces like kitchen counters are usually 36" high from the ground.

There are many choices on the type of wood, upholstery, fabric, leather and vinyl that are used to make the stools. Choices can be made by preference and comfort depending on what we want. There are adjustable stools, or swivel stools to turn. Stools with footrest, backrest and/or armrest. Ones with backrest would be safe for little children, so they won't fall over. Armrests would help when sitting for long periods of time.

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