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Zazen Bear: An Oasis of Peace in Manhattan

Everyday life in this technology driven world with millions of stimuli we get everywhere we turn, I find it is hard to find the place and the time to feel peaceful. Zazen Bear, a new Zen retail concept store at 497 Broome Street in New York helps find the moment of inner peace. This is an interesting concept that I hope will come to Toronto.

Experience the Culture and Cuisine in Suzhou, China

When choosing places to visit on a holiday its best to find a place that allows us to learn, reflect, and admire other cultures. This experience gives us new knowledge and a unique perspective on different people, places, and their culture. The 2500 years old city of Suzhou, China is one such place. Filled with its rich history Suzhou, China is located in the center of the Yangtze Delta region in Southeast China, and is becoming one of China hottest travel destinations. Here are some inspiring reasons why you should make Suzhou, China your next travel destination.

Planning on Travelling Then Check out this site

With good weather around the corner, I am sure we are all thinking of travelling :) AARP Travel a new travel website offers a one-stop online experience that helps users take their travel ideas from dream to destination. AARP Travel’s range of travel tools and features include: Trip Finder, Map Explorer, My Trips, Articles and Destinations and Book Trips.