OneBun Sandwich

My family and I regularly enjoy the delicious OneBun products to make hamburgers, sandwiches, paninis and personal pizzas. We find the thin, pre-sliced sandwich buns to be a healthier alternative to the traditional buns. The Canadian Healthy Food brand, Ozery’s Pita Break has recently launched their newest product the OneBun Zero Low Low in Sprouted Wheat and Light Rye, which has Zero added sugar, Low sodium, and Low fat. 

The new line of products was created to improve consumer health by reducing their fat, sugar and sodium intakes. OneBun Zero Low Low products are free of artificial preservatives, cholesterol, and saturated and trans fats. 
A diet high in fat, sodium and sugar puts people at a greater risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Ozery’s Pita Break created the OneBun Zero Low Low category so consumers can still satisfy their cravings without compromising their health, as it offers a source of fibre and benefits of nutritious, whole grains. 
We used the OneBun Zero Low Low to make this meal. To prepare this meal you will need...

OneBun Zero Low Low sandwich buns
ketchup or other sauces
salad leaves
red onion
baked crumb coated fish

We baked fries to enjoy as a side and also prepared the store bought baked fish. We toasted the OneBun Zero Low Low sandwich buns lightly in the oven before placing the filling ingredients.

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  1. We love One Bun in our home. My son will only eat sandwiches in One Bun. Look forward to trying the new One Bun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This bread sounds wonderful! Where do you buy it?

    1. The OneBun Zero Low Low products can be found at local grocery stores including Battaglias, Loblaws (ON only), Starsky (West), Planet Organic, Ambrosia, Concord Fine Foods, Oakridge’s Food Market, The Village Grocer, Natures Emporium, Lady York, Fiesta Farms, Honest Eds, Food for life, Herb & Nutrition, Vincenzo’s, Market Fresh (Guelph), Food Port Milton, Big Carrot, and Summer Hill Market.

  3. Love OneBuns. We use them a lot in the summer for hamburgers! (Judy Cowan)

  4. I will have to keep my eyes open for these products. I don't believe I've seen them before! They certainly sound tasty and healthy!


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  5. Oh that looks so good I wish I could cook like that

  6. I've tried a similar product and really liked it. I'll have to look out for this brand next time I shop.

  7. This looks good. I would probably replace with Chicken as I'm not too big a fan of bread fish. Thanks for the recipe and post!

  8. Wonderful..:-)
    Ciao buona settimana

  9. Hi Akheela, look so delightful. Great for light lunch.

    Best regards.


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