The Benefits of Dell Storage For a Wide Range of Organizations

The Dell Storage SC4020 has been awarded the title of the Most Valuable Product by ISMB. Based on its enterprise-class storage solution, SC8000, the SC4020 that supports a wide range of workloads for organizations across all industries and sizes seeking a high-performing, mid-sized SAN entry point or a remote, branch office storage solution for its size and price.

La Cité, the college of applied arts and technology of Ontario, implements virtualized desktop solution to increase teaching time, ease IT management and give students more flexibility. This has helped Instructors at the college now have extra time for teaching, because they can easily connect to the VDI environment in the classroom, picking up where they left off in their offices. “Teachers can connect to CAD applications on the Dell Wyse clients in under 20 seconds once they’re in class, and they can start teaching right away,” says Bourgeois. “Previously, it would have taken at least 15 minutes for them to connect.”

Students can work from locations outside the lab environment Students now have the flexibility to work on class projects from a range of locations. “Before the Dell VDI solution, students could do their work only in one of seven labs,” says Lacasse. “Now, those students can take their laptops into the cafeteria, connect virtually and work on a CAD project, rather than trying to find an available workstation in a lab.”
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