Fresh Attitude Asian Style Stir Fries

My family and I enjoyed the delicious, healthy, ready-to-heat stir-fries from Fresh AttitudeThese single-size servings can easily be cooked in a microwave oven without the mess or in a wok for a quick nutritious meal or to serve as a side dish to share. Canada's Food Guide recommendations have encouraged us to add more fruits and vegetables to our diet, and I am glad that Veg Pro International, the vegetable producer behind the popular Fresh Attitude salads and baby lettuce blends has this new line of fresh vegetable Stir Fries.

These kits are processed all year round at Veg Pro International's facility located in Sherrington, Quebec, Canada. The vegetables they use in the packages are grown in Quebec and Florida, and other ingredients that are in the package are from other trusted suppliers. 
These convenient, crunchy and tasty Stir Fries are a wonderful way to connect with healthy eating habits. I like that the combination of vegetable, nuts and flavours used in the package has iron-rich vegetables, and provide us with different sources of vitamins A and C. 

These products can be found in the refrigerated produce section of key grocery chains in Ontario and Quebec, including Sobeys, Foodland, Urban, IGA, Metro and Super C. Available in four delicious Asian-inspired flavours, Teriyaki, Sweet and Sour, Thai and General Tao. 
All the four flavours have an unique taste. Our favourite is the sweet and sour flavour that has a fruity and slightly tart taste with a combination of Napa cabbage, spinach, onions, carrots, sweet red bell peppers, sugar snap peas, Cantonese noodles, roasted coconut, pineapple, Chow Mein noodles, gourmet sweet and sour sauce. 
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