Gluten Free Rotini and Nutrition Tips

I haven't had Gluten free pasta before, and for the first time enjoyed making and tasting the Barilla Gluten free Rotini pasta. This pasta is made with corn and rice without any wheat ingredients in a dedicated Gluten Free facility. I made spiced and flavoured the Barilla's Rotini pasta with minced meat and spicy sauce. 
First, I boiled the Rotini pasta with salted water for about 8 minutes. Then strained and tossed it with my flavoured cooked minced meat. Once the pasta was well tossed with the ingredients, I garnished the pasta with coriander leaves, spicy sauce, and grated cheese before enjoying hot.
Here are some healthy eating tips from Barilla
Control your portions by serving in a small bowl or place to avoid overeating. Top the pasta with olive oil or tomato based sauces instead of rich and creamy ones. Cook your pasta perfectly al dente which can help you stay full.Instead of reaching for salt or rich sauces, consider adding aromatic herbs.
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  1. We always eat this brand of GF pasta -- so good!

  2. I have not tried gluten-free pasta yet. Thanx for the review and recipe!


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