ProactivCHIA Breakfast Bowl

Prana Biovegan Inc. is a Quebec company that manufactures and markets healthy snacks, nuts and dried fruit, as well as chia seeds, which are all certified organic, Kosher, vegan, preservative-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and sulfite-free. They are introducing ProactivCHIA, a new-to-market superfood, combining the traditional goodness of chia seeds with probiotics. This product promotes digestive health while nourishing the body with organic, vegan and gluten-free sources of omega-3, excellent source of B vitamins, thiamine and niacin, and a good source of riboflavin and folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous and zinc.

Prana ProactivCHIA is a versatile way of enhancing health and an essential fatty acid the body requires for heart, skin, digestive, cognitive and vision health. Usually people enhance this with fish, chia seeds, and supplementation. One tablespoon sprinkled in smoothies, cereal, yogurt, salads, dressings, and juices enhance not only the nutritional profile, but also the texture of the food a well. Chia is also great for binding and thickening foods naturally.
Wholesome ProactivCHIA Breakfast Bowl
Prep time : 15 minutes + soak all night
Yield: 1 serving

For the ProactivCHIA pudding
1 1/2 cup almond milk
1 tsp ground vanilla
1 tbsp sweet syrup
4 tbsp ProactivCHIA

For the smoothie
1 banana
1 1/2 cup almond milk
1 tbsp blanched almond butter
1 Medjool date, pitted
1 tbsp cacao powder

Prepare your chia pudding the evening before, by combining all the ingredients for the pudding, in a Mason jar. Shake vigorously. Every 10-15 minutes shake the jar to make sure the seeds don’t stick to the bottom. In the morning, blend all the smoothie ingredients until smooth. Pour the ProactivCHIA a pudding one one side of a bowl, then pour the smoothie mixture on the other side. Garnish with ProactivCHIA, Goji berries, almonds, and banana slices. 
Enjoy your superfood smoothie with a spoon.

ProactivCHIA, whole and ground can be found at all major   grocery chains, health food stores, and supermarkets with healthy living aisles across Canada in two varieties of 284 g (whole) and 200 g (ground), with a suggested price of $7.99. For more information visit 

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