Experience the Culture and Cuisine in Suzhou, China

When choosing places to visit on a holiday its best to find a place that allows us to learn, reflect, and admire other cultures. This experience gives us new knowledge and a unique perspective on different people, places, and their culture. The 2500 years old city of Suzhou, China is one such place. Filled with its rich history Suzhou, China is located in the center of the Yangtze Delta region in Southeast China, and is becoming one of China hottest travel destinations. Here are some inspiring reasons why you should make Suzhou, China your next travel destination.
Nine of the world’s most beautiful gardens
Ever wanted to visit ancient gardens which has been kept pristine like they were in the past? Suzhou is known for its beautiful ancient gardens built and owned by wealthy families, and emperors dating back to the sixth century BC. These classical garden designs are so unique that nine of Suzhou’s beautiful gardens have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Humble Administrator’s Garden is the nation’s largest garden, defined by its pristine collections of small forests and water feature. Lingering Garden built in 1593 blends manmade construction and nature’s beauty into one scenic experience. Domiciles and temples come together with native trees and flowers that intertwine along with intricate woodcarvings and a collection of rocks deliberately arranged in the garden.
Suzhou is also known for its canals, bridges, and pagodas. It is also home to the world’s longest canal making it the the Venice of China. Taking a relaxing boat ride along one of these canals is the best way to take in the history and beauty of Suzhou’s landmarks and waterside. The narrow water passages in Suzhou are some of the oldest in the world and perfect for any traveler, looking to captivate the city’s original charm. The boat rides along the canal giving a unique experience where you can enjoy and touch the plants by the water in the garden of Mudu or float beneath the famed bridges of the Wujiang District. Here, it is a tradition for newlyweds to cross the bridges in the hopes it will bring them happiness, peace, and fortune. 

One of the world’s richest historical sites located adjacent to the Humble Administrator’s Garden is the Suzhou Museum which was designed by world-renowned architect I.M. Pei. Collections of ancient ceramics, wood carvings, and other cultural artifacts highlighting the past can be found here. The Suzhou Silk Museum, which showcases Suzhou’s title as the silk capital of China is also a great place to visit. Visitors can experience the step-by-step silk-making process starting with the silk worm and moving on to thread and finished products. 
There is a festival for every occasion and food because the milder subtropical climate of Suzhou gives way to a lot of festivals during different times of the year. The Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival is one of them. This takes place every year end, where monks strike the bell 108 times to bring good luck in the New Year. Meanwhile, the Spring Festival marks the Chinese New Year and is notorious for its amazing firework display and parade. Festivals are also a remarkable time to enjoy Suzhou’s cuisine. You can also enjoy Suzhou’s cuisine while watching the parade from a seat in a classic Suzhou Tea House or dine on Fengzhen noodles beneath the fireworks. 

Plan your visit to Suzhou today
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