Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cookie Cake Pops

enjoy life food cookie cake pops
There are about 300,000 people in Canada under the age of 18 that suffer from food-related allergies. To keep everyone feeling included, Enjoy Life Foods has chocolate treats that we can all enjoy. We can make these cake pops using Enjoy Life Foods Double Chocolate Brownie Soft Baked Cookies. These cake pops are very sweet :) If you want to lessen the sweetness reduce the amount of frosting added to the treats.

1 box Enjoy Life Foods Double Chocolate Brownie Soft Baked Cookies to make 8 cake pops
1/2 cup vanilla frosting
1 cup Enjoy Life Foods Mega Chunks
cake pop sticks, sprinkles
enjoy life food cookie cake pops
Place the Double Chocolate Brownie cookies in the food processor and pulse into fine crumb. Mix this crumbs using a fork with 1/2 cup softened vanilla frosting until everything blends. 

Using a small cookie scoop or a spoon, divide the dough into 8 portions and roll into tightly packed balls. Keep these rolled balls on a plate and freeze it overnight or at least 2 hours.
enjoy life food cookie cake pops
I used the microwave to melt the chocolate. Remove the cake pops from the freezer and while tightly holding the cake ball, apply some melted chocolate to the cake pop stick and insert about 3/4 way through. Squeeze to tighten around the stick and swirl the melted chocolate to cover the cake pops and decorate with sprinkles before the chocolate hardens. Leave it upright until the chocolate hardens and cover the cake pop with a wrapper and tie it with ribbon.
enjoy life food cookie cake pops
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  1. Oh boy my grandson would love to make & eat these yummy looking cake pops! Like that you used the Enjoy Life soft brownies in the recipe, they're terrific.
    Our little guy has lots of chocolates right now, so will wait several weeks and then give them a try, thanks!

  2. I love this idea of using the cookies. I love the Enjoy Life Foods products.
    Florence Cochrane

  3. I've seen these cookies where I live. Are they vegan?

  4. It's always good to have recipes for treats that can be eaten by people with food allergies. Thank you.

  5. oh those look good we are big chocolate lovers

  6. Hi Akheela, your cookies cake pop look delightful. Beside the kids, I'm sure adults love it too. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice weekend, regards.


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