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Extreme Bean Fiesta Bean Salad and Summer Entertaining Ideas

Extreme Bean Fiesta Bean Salad
Matt and Steve’s was founded in 2000 by two entrepreneurial friends looking to bring a little fun into the garnish world with the original Extreme Bean Hot and Spicy. Since then Matt and Steve's has expanded its product roster with the highest of quality standards by creating tasty, topical, social and fun products. They use local ingredients that are simple, and their products are all natural, gluten free, GMO free, with no artificial anything, at 10 calories or less per serving. 

Extreme Bean Fiesta products
Matt and Steve's now has an international footprint and maintains all production in its Canadian facility located in Mississauga, Ontario. 

When having backyard barbecues, patio parties, picnics in the park and dock dining turn up the taste with some quick tips from Matt and Steve's.
Extreme Bean Fiesta Bean products
Minimize time in the kitchen and Maximize time with your guests. Don't let hosting duties overwhelm you and keep you from enjoying your own bash by sticking to simple and social recipes. Matt and Steve's all-star lineup - Extreme Beans, B’nOlives and Asparagoos - add that extra kick to party faves.
Extreme Bean Fiesta Bean products
Extreme Bean Fiesta Salad 
An extreme take on a classic! Add a little heat to your veggie fix with The Extreme Bean Hot and Spicy. Serve on its own or with some side nachos for a real good time.
Extreme Bean Fiesta Bean Salad
I have adapted the Extreme Bean Fiesta Bean Salad recipe from Matt and Steve's website.  

You will need...
The Extreme Bean Hot  and Spicy 
Extreme Bean Brine
Kidney beans
Corn kernels
Red bell pepper chopped
Red onion finely chopped
Olive oil
Lime juice
Cilantro finely chopped

Cook the corn and slice off kernels. 

In a Mixing bowl add rinsed kidney beans, then add the chopped bell peppers, tomatoes, extreme beans, cilantro, cooked corn kernels, and onion. 

Add olive oil, few splashes of Extreme Bean Brine a pinch of sea salt and lime juice. 

Mix all the ingredients together and chill. If you want  you can add chopped avocados to this salad just before serving.

Garnish with cilantro and serve.
Extreme Bean Fiesta Bean products
Asparagoos Cheese Plate 
A well-stocked cheese plate is an instant crowd pleaser and throwing some Asparagoos into the mix can only make things better. 
Extreme Bean Fiesta Bean products
Think outside the jar 
Create a delicious caesar using Matt and Steve's Caesar Rimmer that will enhance and complement the flavours with just the right amount of spice and bite.

Never arrive empty handed
Bring along Matt and Steve's "Craft the Perfect Caesar" Kit, which will be appreciated by your hostess.

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  1. The salad looks very fresh and inviting :) The heat from the extreme bean wud have taken the salad to the next level !

  2. A simple yet very tasty and filling salad!


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