Wraps made with frozen parathas and meal ideas

We have been savouring on a few different Shana Food products - wholemeal lacha paratha, garlic paratha, Punjabi samosas, and cooked a couple of side dishes using frozen okra rings and spinach.

Making flaky parathas are not an easy task, as it is time consuming and requires a lot of patience and effort. Having ready to cook authentic frozen parathas in the freezer makes it much easier to serve up a meal. I like having different flavours of parathas in hand, so it is a little different each time. Parathas are versatile as there are endless ways we can use it, from making wraps to snacks or serving it with different curries. 
shana foods lacha paratha
This Lacha paratha from Shana Foods has a flaky texture that compliments this flavourful spice loaded crab curry
sri lankan crab curry
The Garlic Paratha from Shana Foods is crispy and flaky on the outside and soft in the inside. We can see the specks of green chillie and garlic in the paratha. I used these parathas to make wraps which would make a filling meal for anytime of the day. 
To make five wraps take the parathas directly out of the freezer. Prepare the egg mixture by whisking 3 eggs, some chopped herbs, chopped onion and green chillie, salt, chaat masala, dried mango powder or sumac. 

Heat a non-stick frying pan, cook the paratha in medium heat, and turn it, while the bottom side is cooking, pour about 2 to 3 tbsp of the mixture. When the bottom side is cooked, flip the paratha again and then take it out of the pan. Dress the paratha with the egg side up with tamarind date chutney, ketchup and roll it up and serve. 

I used the pre-cut frozen okra to make a side dish by combining it with tomatoes, onion, salt, and spices similar to this okra recipe
shana foods okra
I usually like adding spinach into dal curries, and added this frozen spinach package to a red lentil curry to give the dish a colourful, wholesome flavour. 
shana foods punjabi samosa
Shana's Punjabi samosas are a hit in our home - especially for tea time! This 8 pack samosa includes a tasty tamarind date chutney that brings out the delicious flavour combination in the filling. The filling has the perfect combination of mashed potatoes, peas, spices, even a few whole spices to bring out the authentic flavours of this flaky, shortcrust pastry. The addition of ajwain seeds in the wheat flour pastry gives a nice flavour. 
shana foods punjabi samosa
These vegetarian samosas can be prepared in the oven or fried in hot oil - either way it is a fabulous treat everyone in the family will enjoy! We like having these treats in the freezer to bake or fry and serve within a few minutes anytime we are craving for a snack or to serve guests.

Having these types of frozen parathas, treats, and vegetables makes it easy to make a meal or snack any time of the day.  

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  1. LOVE samosas ! they make a great meal with some rice and chili sauce , your food looks amazing !

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  3. I love going to the St. John's Regatta every year and look forward to the samosas. Not happening this year.
    Florence Cochrane

  4. This all looks so good, especially the samosas!

  5. Yum! Reading this post is opening up my appetite!

  6. Wow, all this food looks absolutely delicious!! I will have to share this post with my parents - they love this type of food!


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