Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Know your flours: Millet flour event

I am guest hosting Jagruti's Know your flours: Millet flour event from July 10th to August 9th.
You may know this flour in a different name.

Please limit the entries to 3 per blog, archived recipes are accepted as long as it is updated with the link to the event.
In your post please include:
The logo and
link both the sites that says, "This recipes goes to Jagruti's Event Know your flours Series Millet flour hosted at Torviewtoronto".

Non bloggers can send their entries to torviewtoronto@gmail.com
Looking forward to your support.

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1. Bajari rotla 2. Bajra na rotla 3. Multi flour crackers 4. Kambu dosai
5. Kambu kolukkattai 6. Masuru bhakari 7. Millet flour fudge 8. Beans with sage and millet
9. Millet flour steamed meal pittu 10. Millet flour spring onion paratha 11. Millet flour pakora


  1. nice event... will link my entries soon...

  2. Nice event dear..will try to send my entry.
    Wish you happy hosting!


    Ongoing Event: Love Lock With Juices & Milkshakes

  3. Lovely event Akheela, very healthy flour in Asian cooking
    Thank you very much for hosting :-) Happy Hosting !!

    Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey

    Grind your cooking Masala

  4. This will be first; will try! :-)

  5. Cool...look forward to the links...
    Hope you are enjoying your week :)

  6. Hi Akhila, this event is really nice thanks for invite me i will send my more entries.....

  7. I cooked a millet dish today thinking it would work for your event, but had forgotten it needs to be millet flour. Back to the drawing board. But I wanted to let you know that I saw your note and will do my best to participate.

    1. Thank you Simona it can either be flour or grain :)

  8. Akheela
    One concern please can you make sure when people link here their entries they link our event announcement pages. I found out today that they don't. it's Vicky's entries I have left comment on her blog.

  9. Hi Akheela and Jagruti,
    Actually I have already given the link for ur event through my earlier post. I reposted my millet recipes on July 2012 and gave links there. But there won't be any links in my original posts. If it is acceptable you can have my enries. http://elitefoods.blogspot.com/2012/07/event-entries-and-re-posts.html
    Happy hosting friends,

    1. Hi Viki
      yes I saw your original recipe, that's why I left a comment, but now Akheela told me .it's fine. I hope you didn't mind but it was my concern , if you would've link the re posted link I wouln't have asked you to go through this trpuble.
      Yes your entries are welcome.


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