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Trinidadian Gulab Jamun

Trinidadian gulab jamun
This sweet Trinidadian Gulab Jamun snacks are different from the Indian Gulab Jamun taste and texture. It is more like a soft textured cookie or sweet murukku. These snacks will keep well in an air-tight container.  

Semolina Sweets

Semolina Sweets rava ladoo
I make these sweets using semolina also known as durum wheat for evening snacks. It is delicious, easy and quick to make.

Chocolate Éclairs

Happy 2016 Everyone!

This éclair recipe from Flour cookbook by Joanne Chang is a delicious go to recipe for me. It makes 12 éclairs or 24 cream puffs. This cookbook has lots of delicious recipes we can make at home. I like the details the author provides to make delicious baked goods. 

Know your flours: Millet flour event

Thank you for sharing your recipes to the Know your flours: Millet flour event from July 10th to August 9th.

1. Bajari rotla 2. Bajra na rotla 3. Multi flour crackers 4. Kambu dosai
5. Kambu kolukkattai 6. Masuru bhakari 7. Millet flour fudge 8. Beans with sage and millet
9. Millet flour steamed meal pittu 10. Millet flour spring onion paratha 11. Millet flour pakora

Gulab jamun (Indian sweet with milk powder)

indian gulab jamun
1 cup milk powder
1/4 cup flour
1/8 tsp a pinch of baking soda *
3 tbsp unsalted butter or ghee at room temperature
1/4 cup milk at room temperature
oil about 1 1/2" high to fry

* too much baking soda will make the jamuns too soft and may break when frying

Mix the milk powder, flour, baking soda then add the butter or ghee and mix. Add milk to make a soft dough, the dough will be sticky. Leave the dough aside for about 15 minutes. Then knead the dough again, if needed grease the hands with a little oil before working the dough. Make about 20 to 24 balls, it will swell a little after making the balls.
indian gulab jamun
Heat oil on medium heat, test the oil first with a small piece of dough, when it is put into the oil and if it takes a minute to rise, the oil is ready to fry in. If the dough rises faster the oil is too hot and gulab jamuns will be become dark on the outside and the inside will not be cooked. If the dough doesn't rise in a minute the oil is not hot. Because the size of the balls were small, I fried it in low medium heat.
indian gulab jamun
The gulab jamuns will expand a little while frying so leave space and keep rolling to evenly brown all sides. The inside as to be fully cooked and spongy. Leave the gulab jamun in an absorbent paper towel to cool before putting it into the hot syrup. If hot gulab jamuns are added to the syrup it will become chewy and loose its shape. Leave the gulab jamun at least an hour before serving.

1 3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup water
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
pinch of saffron strands

Add all the ingredients in a large pan and bring to a boil. Let the syrup boil for a minute or two until the sugar dissolves. Can keep it in lowest heat until it is thick, one string consistency.
Add the cooled gulab jamuns to the hot syrup. Keep the gulab jamuns covered in the syrup and the gulab jamuns will expand in the syrup.
To serve sprinkle nuts over the sweets, this is optional.

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Cardamom pastries

2 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cardamom ground
4 oz butter melted or sunflower oil
4 oz milk boil and cool
oil to fry
icing sugar garnish

Mix the flour, baking powder and cardamom. Then add butter or oil and make like a crumble. Pour milk and knead till the dough is smooth. Make walnut size balls. Then roll into a 3" log and shape it into a crescent.
Heat oil and deep fry till it is golden brown. Drain and toss the fried pastries in icing sugar.
This Al salooq is adapted from the book The middle eastern kitchen by Ghillie Basan. 

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Sweet semolina banana Æbleskiver snack

sweet semolina banana Æbleskiver snack
1 cup semolina cream of wheat (rava)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup flour
2 tbsp coconut fried in 1 tsp ghee
1 cup ripe banana mashed
1/4 tsp cardamom ground
1/2 cup jaggery syrup or treacle *
oil to coat the pan

* I used palm treacle, can substitute with brown sugar.
Soak the semolina in the water for 1/2 hour. Add all the ingredients to the soaked semolina and make a thick batter, the batter should not be pourable.
Heat the aebleskiver pan in medium high heat, when it is hot put 1/4 tsp oil and brush the sides. Then put batter to fill the holes and cook. When it is easy to turn, turn it with a wooden skewer and cook the other side. Serve it warm.
sweet semolina banana Æbleskiver snack
I bought this reasonably priced Lodge pro-logic aebleskiver from Amazon. It is made in the USA, cast iron is pre seasoned which makes it easy to use. As the pan and handle is made with cast iron, it is better to use a glove to hold the handle.

I washed it with hot water, as it says not to use soap or detergent. I also avoided using metal tools, instead turned the snacks with a wooden skewer. I coated the holes with oil, using a silicon pastry brush and didn't have to use too much oil to make these snacks.
Æbleskiver pan
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Sago coconut cookies

Happy holidays to all of you.

1 cup sago
1 cup brown sugar *
1 cup fresh coconut grated
1 cup bread crumbs *

* Can use white sugar as well, colour of the final cookies maybe a slightly different colour
* Can use fresh or store bought bread crumbs

Mix all the ingredients by hand till it comes together. This needs a little bit of work :) so leave it a side for a little bit, wet hands or add two tablespoons of water to the mixture to make balls. Add the water only if needed, this will depend on the moisture in the breadcrumbs and coconut.

Make small balls the size of ping pong balls and press so it would be about 1/2 inch thick. Place in a greased cookie sheet and bake for 10 to 12 minutes in a 300F preheated oven. Remove from the oven when it is lightly golden and leave it in the tray.

It is important to remove the cookies from the oven after 10 to 12 minutes even if it looks soft and is not brown because it will harden. Store in an airtight container, don't refrigerate.

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Eco friendly Fantastic Antiplastic dishes and bread pudding

These Antiplastic dishes are made with bio based material that come from American grown corn. These dishes are made in the USA. The bioplastic is made with a polymer which is produced by microbal fermentation of sugar and therefore doesn't have BPA, phthalates or PVC. It is dishwasher safe, heat resistant and durable. The dishes are pending approval for microwave use. If a knife or cutter is used on it surface, it will scratch just like other plastic. It is fully biodegradable in 2 to 3 years compared to ordinary plastic that will take 500 years and still leave toxic chemicals in the environment.
I like that this type of products are a step towards stopping the destruction of our planet. Thank you Zoe b organic for introducing us to this colourful, sustainable, high quality and functional dishes that look and feel like plastic but safer for the environment and us.
Bread pudding
2 cups of bread cut into pieces
1 1/2 cups milk
2 eggs
1 tbsp cinnamon
3 tbsp brown sugar
1 1/2 tbsp butter
sugar and fruits to garnish

Beat the milk, eggs, cinnamon and brown sugar together. Place the bread in a baking dish and pour the milk mixture over it. Press the bread so the milk with soak the bread. Cut the butter into small pieces and layer it over the bread. Bake at 375F for 20 to 25 minutes until the bread pudding is cooked, golden and springs back.
Serve warm or cold with fruits and a sprinkle of sugar.

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Dinosaur birthday cake

This birthday cake is made for my little guy.

One recipe of chocolate cake baked in a heart shape pan. Cut the heart shape from the middle into two, put some icing in between and attach it together. Place the cake over the cake board by putting some icing on the board. I used a homemade cake board.

For the chocolate cake:
I used the same recipe as the butter cake but instead of 1 1/2 cups flour I used,
1 1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/4 tsp baking powder

One recipe butter cake baked in a circle shape pan.

I carved each shape of the dinosaur with a knife. I made stencils by drawing the shapes on paper first. This way there is no waste and I used up all the cake.

To cover the body I used chocolate buttercream and dusted with cocoa powder. I added some sprinkles to add some friendliness and colour to the dinosaur body.

For the eyes, I used chocolate fudge with a little bit of royal icing and peppercorn.

Oreo cookies for the mouth and the rest was dusted on the cake board.

For the claws I dipped one side of the cashew nuts in melted chocolate.

For the spikes I cut marshmallow into triangles then dipped in melted chocolate.

The cake board is decorated with green tinted desiccated coconut and crushed oreos. To finish up I made this decorative tree.

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Avocado mousse pudding

1 ripe avocado
1 1/2 cups (1 tin) evaporated milk
2 1/2 tbsp gelatine
2 tbsp hot water
pistachios to garnish

In a blender beat the avocado, evaporated milk and sugar until it is smooth. In a bowl dissolve the gelatine in hot water and add it to the avocado mixture continuously stirring.

Put into serving cups garnish with pistachios and chill in the fridge for at least an hour or more before serving.
* Increase the amount of sugar if needed.
I tried using the vegetarian version of agar agar instead of gelatine but it doesn't work as well because the pudding doesn't become spongy.

This recipe goes to Lets cook for Christmas event.

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Apricot chutney

1 cup dried apricot chopped
2 tbsp ghee
1/2 tsp fennel seeds crushed
1/2 tsp cumin seeds crushed
1/2 to 1 tsp chopped green chillie
1 tsp ginger grated
3 1/2 tbsp or more sugar to taste
1 tbsp vinegar
1/2 tsp green cardamom seeds ground

Soak the chopped apricots in hot water for 1 hour and leave it aside. Reserve the water to cook with.
Heat the ghee, add the crushed fennel and cumin seeds. When it crackle add the green chillie and ginger. Sauté the apricots for 2 minutes, then pour the reserved water enough to cover the apricots. When it comes to a boil reduce the heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes until the apricots are mushy and water evaporates.
Add the sugar, vinegar and cardamom. Remove from heat and let it cool before putting it in a jar or serving.

Updated Serve chutney with rice, bread and flat breads as a side.

Recipe adapted from the book Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen by Vineet Bhatia.

This goes to EP series herbs and spices cilantro and cumin.

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Jaggery flan

Jaggery flan
This jaggery flan made with coconut milk is famously known as wattalappam, made for festivals and celebrations. It is Eid-ul-Adha today, Eid mubarak to all the friends.

6 eggs
1 cup jaggery melted in 1/4 cup water in a saucepan *
1/8 tsp salt
1 cup thick coconut milk *
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder optional
2 to 3 cloves optional
1/2 tsp vanilla optional
1 to 2 tbsp cashew nuts optional

* Can use a small container of coconut milk, make thick coconut milk with coconuts or use equivalent amount of coconut milk powder to make thick milk.

* This flan will taste good only with Jaggery, the colour of the flan will depend on the quality of jaggery. It won't be tasty with brown sugar. Jaggery or gur, also known as panela will be available in Indian/ Sri lankan or Latin American grocery stores.
Melt the jaggery with 1/4 cup water and let it cool, if the jaggery is soft grate or crush it without using the water.

Beat all the ingredients in a blender. Strain the mixture at least twice using a thin sieve and discard the foam, pieces of the spices and jaggery that doesn't go through the sieve. Put the mixture into a heat proof bowl or aluminum bowl.

Put 2 cups of water in a large pan and place the bowl inside where the water bath is reaching about 2/3rd of the bowl. And cover the pan with a tight lid.
Steam in medium high heat for about 20 to 25 minutes until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. If adding cashews on top added it in the middle when it is about 5 minutes into the steaming.
Let it cool and then put in the fridge covered for about an hour before serving it cool or at room temperature.

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Flower decorated cake

3/4 cup margarine or butter *
1 cup sugar vanilla flavoured *
4 eggs
1 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup milk

Beat margarine or butter with sugar until smooth. Then add eggs one at a time and beat well.
Mix the flour with baking powder separately and add it to the mixture, alternating with the milk.
Pour the cake mixture into a buttered lined 8" pan.
Bake at 350F in a preheated oven for 30 to 35 minutes, until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean. Remove the cake from the pan and leave it to cool.

* I use margarine often as it is cheaper, if you use butter for healthy reasons then it is the same amount. If the butter is salted don't add salt, if it is unsalted add 1/4 tsp salt.

* I use sugar that is infused with vanilla; by leaving vanilla beans inside a jar of sugar; over time it will have a perfume of vanilla.
I do not use vanilla essence, if you are using regular sugar add 1 tsp vanilla essence.

The recipe for the cake is from a friend; it is easy and delicious to make. I made 2 cakes in a 10" pan and layered it as I wanted some height.
The flowers are made with royal icing. I used buttercream icing to cover and decorate the border of the cake.
This cake goes to bakefest.

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Nutella cupcakes

nutella cupcakes
1/2 cup Nutella
5 tbsp flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 egg

Mix all the ingredients till smooth. Put 3/4 full in a lined muffin pan.
Bake at 350F in a preheated oven for 9 to 10 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Don't over bake these cupcakes as it will become dry.
Remove from the pan and cool in a rack.
This recipe makes 5 regular sized cupcakes. I have decorated it with buttercream icing using tip 1M. Recipe is adapted from here and goes to Bizzy bakes and festive food.
nutella cupcakes
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