Butterflies bugs

Pictures of these butterflies taken by my husband at the Toronto zoo. One of my daughter's favourite activities during the summer is to run around trying to catch butterflies in the garden, she wouldn't touch them. I should teach her about caterpillars, as a child at school we saw caterpillars in cocoons becoming butterflies.
We usually see white butterflies and sometimes monarch butterflies. Inshallah my daughter and son would be excited to go to the Butterfly garden at Niagara falls and so will we, to capture the moments.

My husband took this picture of the wasp some time after he was stung by one. There was a wasp nest that we didn't see, and while he was watering the plants the wasp was disturbed. We took the thorny stinger of the wasp but it was swollen. We put some ice and antibiotic cream to reduce the swelling.
He sprayed with a wasp remover during the night as it was in the entrance and the nest dissolved.

Beetles and lady bugs are wonderful in drawing and paintings. I didn't know they could fly until last Summer when there were lots of lady bugs all around the front door that started coming inside. Before this happened we took lots of pictures.

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