Food palette series pink

Thank you for joining and supporting the food palette series, check out the past events here. Please accept this participation award as a thank you.

From April to May 15 the colour of the food palette series is pink, the picture of the logo is coconut toffee you can check out the recipe on the link.

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Event is open to everyone.
Please put a logo link on the post in your site.
Veg or non-veg, No food with alcohol or pork.
End product or ingredients used can be pink (i.e. raspberry, strawberries, cherries, radish, icing etc).
Maximum 2 per blog, new post is preferred but archived are welcome.
Use the linky list below or email me the URL of your post at I will add the picture of your post below.

Looking forward for your continuous support, let the fun begin.

All rights reserved on photographs and written content Torviewtoronto © 2011 unless mentioned. Please Ask First

1.Coconut toffee 2.Rose coconut balls3.Strawberry cookies 4.Chocolate and cocoa strawberry cream cake
Lemon ricotta cookie 6.Amaretto cheesecake7.Pink cloud pie8.Strawberry ice cream with ricotta cheese
eetroot dosa10.Raspberry white chocolate cookies11.Strawberry chewy smoothie12.Chandan pithe sweet 13.Beet salad14.Strawberry cupcakes15.Beetroot peanut raita16.Carrot kheer 17.Grilled tuna in strawberry sauce18.Grilled duck breast 19.Strawberry cream pie 20.Pomegranate grape juice 21.Strawberry cheesecake22.Kashmiri dum aloo 23.White raw honey strawberries 24.Strawberry shake 25.Strawberry fun26.Pomegranate milkshake27.Strawberry cake28.Agar agar pudding 29.Pink idlies30.Pink dosai31.Pomegranate melon juice 32.Strawberry orange delite
33.Potato dip34.Rose payasam35.Rose milk36.Strawberry ice cream
37.Strawberry banana milkshake38.Pink pancakes39.Ginger grape juice40.Bhapa sandesh
41.Strawberry milkshake42.Rose petal drink43.Watermelon yoghurt drink44.Beet carrot oat burger
45.Pink smoothie46.Raspberry lemon spritzer47.Sol kadi kokam buttermilk48.Strawberry Double Delight
49.Beetroot cake50.Strawberry phirni51.Thai falooda52.Strawberry watermelon smoothie
53.Strawberry yogurt pops54.Strawberry milkshake55.Cranberry lemonade56.Strawberry banana shake
57.Strawberry coconut marble cake58.Rose milk59.Mixed fruit milk shake60.Rainbow pudding
61.Strawberry lassi62.Beet root carrot juice coconut water63.Chilled strawberry soup64.Beet root tofu roti
65.Strawberry drop cookies66.Rose milk67.Coconut ladoo68.Strawberry shrikhand
69.Rose coconut ladoo70.Petite rose cake71.Strawberry lemonade ice cream72.Healthy juice


  1. Thanks! Lovely color for the next series... I posted like 3 or 4 pink colored food last month. If I don't make anything this month, I will send the recipes from last month.

  2. thanks a lot for the participation award !

  3. This is exciting. I am thinking of different ideas. Thanks for thinking of me.

  4. great event and pink is one of my fav color :) Let me see what i can share out here :)

  5. wow very lovely color dear !! will love to send some recipes !!

  6. happy hosting! thanks a lot for the participation award.

  7. Love the color pink... Will sen in my recipes soon...

  8. great event..i don't think i have anything to send you right away..but will try..

  9. OoOO!! I need to find / make something pink now!! What a great idea!

  10. Thanks for honouring us with the participation award :-)
    Pink is an awesome choice :-) and I am very much looking forward to it!

  11. The pink coconut burfi brought back so many memories! Many of our mothers used to make this, in pinks, goldens and greens! Would love to participate.

  12. thanks for the participation award, it was my pleasure, definitely!
    I love that the theme is pink - I'm thinking of rhubarb and strawberries, both in season next month..

  13. Hi,
    u have an award waiting in my blog. Pls collect it.

  14. Great idea! Would love to contribute but having the craziest month of April with a project going on. But will definitely try. Think, think, thinking....

  15. Hi Torview,
    Just submitted an entry to you 'Food Palette Pink' series...hope you like it!:)I too have an event going on at my place.Do drop in sometime and I'd love you to link up!


  16. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah Torview. My blog got linked without the recipe i was intending to post:( Please add the link for beet salad.

  17. That's a pretty color you've chosen :-)

  18. thanks for your participation award and I would love to participate in your next series...I would love to share an award galore with u ...plz visit my space n collect it :-)

  19. Thanks :) I linked this post to my blog :)

  20. Thanks Akheela for the participation award
    definitely it is a pl;easure to be part of the event
    and a lovely feminine color for the next event -pink
    happy hosting

  21. Nice event and colour. I will send my entries soon.

  22. Thank you Akheela for the award. I've linked an entry, hope this is fine. Will try to send more. Happy hosting :)

  23. HI.... I have entered an entry by mistake by my name instead of the Recipe name.....I'm extremely sorry about that...

    Here is the Recipe url :
    Recipe name : Grilled Tuna in Strawberry sauce

  24. Hi! Just linked up a pink Grilled Duck Breast! =)

  25. Thanks for letting me know abt the lovely event. I have linked my foodie creation - 'Pink mouse Dip' , by mistake filled the name of my blog instead of the recipe name at the linky tool .

  26. Pls add my second photo for strawberry milkshake. Thanks.

  27. Nice event..Linked an entry now..Strawberry Double Delight !!

  28. thanks for visiting..Wanted to find out if there is a free version of linky tool available?

  29. Gr8 event.. Happy hosting..Sent you my first entry.. more yet to come.

    Sunanda's Kitchen

  30. Hi! I linked my post to it. But i made a blunder. Instead of the name of the dish, I put in my name :P and I'm unable to change it now. Can you please change the name of the 53rd entry to "STRAWBERRY YOGHURT ICE POPS" Sorry for the trouble.

  31. Thanks for rectifying it :) And for hosting this wonderful event!

  32. yummy..what a event!!!!!!!
    an event with my fav color!!!!!!!!
    i will try posting my recipe soon!!!!!!!!!
    thnQ for the nice event!!!!!!!!!

  33. Lovely blog and event. Thanks for the award!


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