Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kellogg's Krave cereal, granola and crisps

I tested the products below from Kellogg's Canada.  Chocolate lovers will enjoy the Kellogg's Krave, which is made with 8 whole grains and source of fibre.  Krave is available in chocolate and double chocolate flavours.  It makes a delicious breakfast or snack that children will easily like.  It tastes better with milk.  I like to mix it with some cornflakes :) as I am not a big fan of a chocolate breakfast.

Special K low fat granola cereal is made with crunchy whole grain oats and a touch of honey.  The box states that the cereal has 50% less fat.  It is made with high source of fibre and protein.  It tastes better when we add yogurt and fruit or have it with milk.  I would prefer to mix it with other cereal or fruit/nuts instead of having it on its own.  It would be better if the cereal only has honey as a sweetener instead of including other sweeteners such as cane juice, molasses, sugar and corn syrup.
This cereal kit is cool and useful to have breakfast on the go.  It keeps the milk cold and cereal fresh.  The milk cup has a non-toxic freezer gel so freeze it before pouring the milk.  Hand wash the container and don't put it in the microwave.

Our sweet cravings can be indulged with the Special K Crisps anytime of the day.  The crisps are available in chocolate and cinnamon brown sugar flavours.  Each pack has 2 crisps, perfect for a snack on the go or to enjoy anytime.  It is crispy on the outside and has a filling on the inside.  The crisps have a chocolate or vanilla drizzle on top.
Fun facts about Kellogg's
W.K. Kellogg found the company in 1906 as the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company.  His signature has always been the brand logo.
Tony the Tiger was introduced in 1951.
Eggo waffles (part of Kellogg's brands) celebrated their 75th birthday.
Kellogg's products are manufactured in 18 countries and sold in more than 180 countries.

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  1. Would love to try it...

    Event: Dish name starts with N

  2. I just bought the Krave cereal last week but haven't had a chance to try it...don't eat cereal for suhoor. Thx for the review...I was looking at the granola too but figure it would be better to just make it at home since I know what all the ingredients going into it are.

  3. Pero que buena pinta tiene esto, en España todavía no lo he visto, besos

  4. always been a fan of kellogg like those fun facts!

  5. nice have me craving for thr crisps!

  6. Waiting for the strawberry flavor :)

  7. Would like to try it. Very crispy.

  8. Nice review.........wraps looks tempting......

  9. They would certainly be good because my daughter eats them all the time.

  10. I love cereal and have always been a fan of Kellogg's. I'm not a fan of chocolate so Krave is out, but will look for the cinnamon Crisps. Thanks for the review!

  11. beautiful post:-) ramadhan kareem to you Akeela.

  12. Love kellogs. Got to try these :)


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