Clayton Homes Offers Homebuyers up to $7,500* This Tax Season

As tax season approaches, Clayton Homes, America’s largest home builder is offering potential home buyers a great way to get the most out of their tax refund in 2015 with its Avoid Refund Regret campaignThe program runs through March 31st offering those purchasing a new Clayton Home an extra incentive towards homeownership during the beginning of 2015.

The company is offering customer incentives to new homebuyers, based on the type and size of Clayton Home purchased with the buyer choosing one or a combination of three different incentive packages. The most exciting incentive option this year is that customers can choose™ gift cards to be used towards furnishing their brand new home with appliances and furniture.

Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton said, “The idea behind Avoid Refund Regret is to help our customers spend their federal tax refunds this year on an investment in value that they won’t regret. This promotion will help make affording your dream home a reality.” 

Customers who take advantage of the Avoid Refund Regret promotion will receive an incentive of $2,500 for each section of a home they purchase, up to $7,500 total for a three-section home. 

The offer can be taken advantage of through one of three different ways:
 In™ gift cards that can be used to purchase items for the new home.
 As a deduction on closing costs.
 As a reduction of the price of the new home.
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