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Versatile Copper Mugs and Dragon fruit Beverage

copper mugs dragon fruit chilled smoothie
A small business based in Vancouver, Canada sells beautiful handcrafted copper mugs that we can use for cocktails, mocktails, and as decorative organizers. These copper mugs are made using traditional methods of hammering by hand to create the unique texture on the exterior. I like the rustic imperfections that add character to these mugs, making each of these copper mugs unique. The brass handles are welded, which leaves it intact on the inside, and keeps it water tight and leak free. We love that the rim is smooth, making it our go to mugs for chilled beverages. We love that it is comfortable to hold and enjoy.  

Carrot Salad using the Microplane Spiral Cutter

I enjoyed using the Microplane Spiral Cutter to quickly cut the carrots before tossing it with the below ingredients and enjoying it as a side dish. Before using the Microplane Spiral Cutter remove the plastic from the blades and wash the unit. This cutter is similar to a pencil sharpener, and it is fun to use. We can use this cutter with vegetables such as carrots and radishes that can be added to stir fries, pickles and other dishes. We can cut larger vegetables such as zucchini and cucumber with the larger hole.

ActiFry an Appliance to Make Oil Free Fries

We love fries, but I don’t enjoy frying them with lots of oil because it is unhealthy. The thought of all that oil being absorbed in our body is the reason why I don’t make fries often, as we would like eating fries. I love that by using the T-Fal ActiFry we don’t have to use anymore than a tablespoon of oil to fry 1 kilogram of potatoes or other vegetables. I found that the fries come out crispy just like it would if it was deep fried, but this is better without the oil. This way we can enjoy fries more often than we usually would without the excess fat and calories. The ActiFry Express, made in France is the second generation ActiFry that is faster, more powerful, and efficient.

Sponge Pineapple Upside Down Cake made in a Deep Cast Iron Pan

Have a blessed Ramadan everyone.

I love making my favourite, delicious pineapple upside down cake on this Deep Cast Iron Pan from Mr. Bar-B-Q. It has deep sides, which is useful for pan roasting, braising, grilled cheese, cobblers and much more. We can use it on grills, stovetops, and in ovens or take it for camping. I love that it is pre-seasoned and ready to use. The heat distributes evenly to the cooking surface. This pan has to be washed by hand without using harsh detergents and dried thoroughly right away to prevent rusting. We should apply a thin coat of oil before storing in a dry place.

Trudeau Kitchen Tools

Trudeau, a leading Canadian supplier of quality kitchenware and tabletop accessories in North America is putting a fresh spin on salads and stir fries with their introduction of a few new kitchen tools. The multipurpose heat resistant 3 in 1 foldable silicone splatter screen is handy in the kitchen because we can place over a frying pan to take a quick peak, or release excess steam while the food is cooking, or use it as a strainer, or trivet. It fits over 11" diameter pots and pans, allowing us to use it as a pot drainer. I like that after our different uses of this splatter screen we can easily clean the surface.

Grapefruit and Ginger Drink made using the Hemisphere Twist Blender

I love the beautiful sleek and stylish Breville® appliances that we can use everyday. Breville’s Hemisphere Twist Blender adds a twist to our daily routine with a splash of flavour. I really like the innovative design of the Breville Hemisphere Twist that livens up our recipes and add greater depth to our drinks. The standard lid is interchangeable with the unique citrus cone lid that allows us to bring an instant infusion of citrus into any delectable creation, from smoothies and cocktails to dips, spreads, soups, and more.

Clayton Homes Offers Homebuyers up to $7,500* This Tax Season

As tax season approaches, Clayton Homes, America’s largest home builder is offering potential home buyers a great way to get the most out of their tax refund in 2015 with its Avoid Refund Regret campaignThe program runs through March 31st offering those purchasing a new Clayton Home an extra incentive towards homeownership during the beginning of 2015.

New Kitchenaid® Collection: A Fresh Take on Brand's Iconic Design

KitchenAid is unveiling a dramatically designed major appliance collection available in stainless steel, black, white and black stainless steel reflecting visual cues from its best known product, the iconic stand mixer. The new collection is wholly original yet uniquely identifiable as the KitchenAid brand. It will be the brand's first collection to launch globally, with U.S. availability starting in April of 2015.

Green Dolphin review and giveaway

Green Dolphin products are eco safe solutions for our home.  I tested three of their products; green bin deodorizer, calcium lime rust buster and stainless steel cleaner and polish.  The details of each product is on this post.
I like the feeling of using eco-friendly products that doesn't have abrasives, solvents and VOCs.  All the products are made in Canada and can be bought online.

Use the code CREATE to get 20% off
Green Dolphin would like to offer a Canadian reader of Createwithmom and Torviewtoronto a chance to win a package of Eco Auto Dishwash detergent and a bottle of coffee pot and kettle cleaner.
To enter the giveaway please leave a comment on this post or on Createwithmom before July 15th.
Please follow me on twitter and Facebook so I can let you know the winner.
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Our kitchen and bar stools

bar stools

This post is about a handy piece of furniture that is useful around the house especially the kitchen. There are so many types of barstools out there, that when we go to shop for these stools; it is easy to get lost :) In my opinion because these stools can be used anywhere in the house it is a wonderful addition to have.

It doesn't matter if the kitchen is large or small, because having a stool will be convenient. A stool gives extra seating and some of these stools can be stored away under tables. There are some that match the style of dinning room chairs. 

For a small kitchen with less space, it can be easy to use when preparing meals or while eating like in a breakfast bar. 

A 12" space between the counter and seat is important to sit comfortably, so the person's feet can fit under the counter. That is why counter height stools are 24" to 27" high, because work spaces like kitchen counters are usually 36" high from the ground.

There are many choices on the type of wood, upholstery, fabric, leather and vinyl that are used to make the stools. Choices can be made by preference and comfort depending on what we want. There are adjustable stools, or swivel stools to turn. Stools with footrest, backrest and/or armrest. Ones with backrest would be safe for little children, so they won't fall over. Armrests would help when sitting for long periods of time.

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