Sesame and Jaggery Sweets

thala guli sesame and jaggery sweet
This sweet known as thala guli is made with sesame seeds and kithul jaggery. It is a flavourful, delicious sweet snack that can be wrapped as a candy and stored at room temperature for a week. 
thala guli sesame and jaggery sweet
1 cup of white sesame seeds
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 cup kithul jaggery grated
1/4 cup coconut optional
1/4 cup kithul jaggery treacle syrup

Roast the sesame seeds until it turns light golden brown. Keep moving it around the pan so it doesn't burn. Remove from the pan. If using coconut dry roast it until it turns light golden brown and add it. 

Traditionally sesame seeds are pounded using a mortar and pestal. I used the Hamilton Beach grinder and ground it with salt, grated jaggery and coconut by pulsing it a few times to lightly grind. Don't over grind or it will taste bitter. 
thala guli sesame and jaggery sweet
Boil the jaggery treacle and keep it aside. Remove from the grinder and add boiled kithul jaggery treacle to make small balls and roll it to make cylindrical shape. 
thala guli sesame and jaggery sweet
Keep the cylindrical shape sesame sweets in an air tight container. The sweets can be individually wrapped in parchment paper.

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  1. They must have tasted very good with the combo of sesame and jaggery.


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