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Holiday gift packaging ideas and festive coffees from Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts packaged coffee will have their new gingerbread cookie flavoured coffee and other seasonal varieties of coffees such as pumpkin spice and mocha mint available for a limited time to celebrate this festive season.
Select bags of Dunkin Donuts seasonal coffees include paper gift tags that make it easy for us to take it as hostess gifts or holiday treats.

Dunkin Donuts has partnered with Cindy Hopper, a craft blogger to come up with these creative gift wrapping ideas.
  • Let the gift and wrapping compliment one another. i.e. place a bag on gingerbread cookie coffee from Dunkin Donuts in a cookie jar, or serve Mocha Mint with a favourite chocolate bar.
  • Make packaging playful and add a small toy i.e. jump rope as ribbon or jingle bells to the top of the gift.
  • Use blown up balloons or colourful tissue paper to make it eye-catching when the recipients open their package.
  • Use palin paper and put prints, or use newspaper comics, wallpaper scraps or even pages from an old atlas or map to make a memorable gift wrap.
  • Add fresh flowers, shells, misletoe when wrapping the gifts.
  • Instead of cardboard box use decorative tins, hat boxes or fruit crates.
  • Focus on the gift tag and use items like recipe cards, lugagae tag or coasters to identify the gift recipients.
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