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Freshwater pearls pendant

I am a fan of jewelry and I have so many lovely memories about pearls. I was very happy to receive this blue teardrop pendant to review from My Freshwater pearls. This is a beautiful dainty pendant.

It has a sapphire coloured stone in the center and an oval pearl dangling under it. This pearl pendant has silver on it, so I put it on with a silver chain; which wasn't included. The pendant goes well with any outfit so it would be perfect for a simple function or as casual wear.

Freshwater pearls originated in the lakes around China where people deliberately intervene with nature to produce the pearls. It is unfortunate that we cannot get natural pearls easily because of overfishing, pollution and other impacts to the environment.

The main colour of the pearl has a hue from thin translucent layers. The overtone gives depth and glow to the pearls. The orient is the shimmer, which is made out of layers of nacre. The Freshwater pearls are composed entirely of nacre which is minerals and proteins.

These Freshwater cultured pearls come in natural pastel colours such as cream, white, peach/orange, yellow, pink and lavender/purple. White pearls are bleached so it creates natural shine. The black and other coloured pearls are treated with heat to produce their inky flattering colours. The pearls range in size from 5mm to 12 mm and comes in a variety of shapes.

My Freshwater pearls have necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bridal jewelry, anklets, children's jewelry and sets in a variety of designs. The items come in a suitable jewelry box and a box that could be wrapped for the purposes of giving as a gift.
Buy it for yourself or give it to a special person, they will love this simple beautiful collection of jewelry.
From April to May 31st use this discount code: SHOP10 to receive a 10% discount on your purchase of any jewelry from My Freshwater pearls.

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