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Knitted soft playing ball

I hope the pictures and the instructions below will help you understand on how to make this ball which can be an ornament or toy for children to play with.

There are many variations to make this ball.
  • We can use 4 different colours of wool or use wool that is multicoloured.
  • If making a bigger ball cast on more stitches.
  • If making a smaller ball cast on fewer stitches, as long as when you fold the rectangle it should make a square.
For this ball I used...

4.5 US size needle
4 ply multicoloured wool
thick needle to stitch the sides
old cloth, felt or polyester stuffing material

To make a 5" diameter ball, cast on 17 stitches and Knit all rows into a rectangle. Approximately 68 rows. When folded it should be a square.
This is the knitted rectangle. Keep about 60 cm of thread hanging and cut. Don't cut the thread from the starting edge, this will be put inside when closing the ball.
Put a needle on the long thread (60 cm) and stitch by picking up the corner knits. From one corner to the other of the long side. See the picture below.

Pull the thread so it will look like this.

Align the sides to match, like above. Put the needle through the two edges and stitch till the end of the wide side.
It will look like a hat.
Stuff with old clean cloth or felt material. Can use pillow or craft stuffing, which is available at fabric and craft shops.
Stuff to the top as much as possible so the ball will hold its shape.
Thread through the edges from one corner to the other of the long side.
Put the thread that you started knitting with inside the ball. Pull the thread to bring the ball together.
Stitch with the remaining thread to close the ball secure.
Pull the thread up and make a loop if hanging as an ornament. Or if making a ball to play put the thread through the ball and stitch into the ball.
Start tossing!

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