Rice flour pancake Hoppers

For egg hoppers pour the batter then break an egg into the middle, cover the pan and lower the heat to cook the egg. Egg in the centre can be cooked fully or a little runny depending on preference.

2 cups rice flour
1 coconut water
1/4 cup coconut milk optional
1 tsp yeast 
1 tbsp sugar (if using yeast)
1 tsp salt
1 egg
jaggery for sweet hoppers optional

Mix the yeast with a tbsp of warm water and sugar and let it froth. Add the yeast to the rest of the ingredients and make a thick pourable batter using a whisk, if coconut water is not enough add water or coconut milk.

Leave the batter to ferment for at least 6 hours or more. 

When ready to make hoppers, stir the batter and make sure it has a thick pourable batter, if needed add coconut milk or water.   

Heat the hopper pan to medium high heat, when it is hot grease the pan with some oil. Put a ladle full of batter, about 2 tbsp batter and quickly turn the pan in a circular motion to coat the pan. Cook covered.

The outside of the hopper will be crispy and the centre is soft. Leave the pan covered for about 2 minutes when the hopper is cooked it will come out easily.

Pick up one side of the hopper and slide it out of the pan. Make sure the batter cooks in the centre and doesn't burn in the sides lower the heat if needed. Serve hot with curry and coconut sambol
appam hopper recipe
Sweet hoppers known as panee aape or pani appam is a favourite breakfast, snack or dinner main dish. Add some grated jaggery or kithul treacle into the batter or in the middle when it is cooking.

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  1. wow...never tried with egg...sounds interesting...will definitely try this soon and let u know...

  2. I love hoppers :) especially with onion pickle.. but Im sure I wouldnt be able to make it at home myself..

  3. You always have such fun, unique and intriging recipes...this sounds so good!

  4. Your rice flour pancake looks delicious.

  5. I have never heard of this before but it is really really cool. I would never think of using rice flour. This is a must try for me.

  6. Cool recipe! The rice flour pancakes must be wonderful!

  7. I love all of the different ingredients you use! This looks fantastic!

  8. Hi, where can you get a hopper pan in Toronto? Can they be made in a flat bottom pan?

    1. To get the crusty edges and the soft bottom that makes it hoppers this recipe need s to be made in a hopper pan. You can find it in a Sri lankan grocery stores that sell pans.

  9. Thanks! I'm in Toronto along the Bloor line. Can you recommend a place to look?

    1. If you are in downtown check in the Sri Lankan stores at Wellesley and Parliament they should have. It is called hoppers or appa or appam pan. Keep me posted when you find the pan and give it a try :)


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