Food palette series finale rainbow colours

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continuous support on the Food palette series, it was a year ago I excitedly announced the start of this series.

We started off with the colour orange sponsored by CSN.
Then followed by the

Many of you had eagerly asked me for the next colour, which has always put an exciting smile :) Along the way I have learned many things from all of you and hope you did as well.
Do check out these previous colours, you will be surprised on the collection and how everyone went out of their way to try some unique innovative dishes.

Glad I kept going with this event :) To end the event we will celebrate with a rainbow of colours and include the colours blue, red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet :)

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Do check out the colour black that we just finished and link up the any type of food with a colour from the rainbow till the end of October.

maximum of 2 entries that are new posts
please put a link to the event with the logo on your post
no dishes with pork or alcohol
I will add the picture just link up or send me an email at

Happy to have friends like you and to meet so many wonderful people.

All rights reserved on photographs and written content Torviewtoronto © 2011 unless mentioned. Please Ask First

1.Jelly pudding 2.Sweet savoury semolina 3.Sago payasam 4.Jello mello
5.Mexican chopped salad6.Pineapple pachadi 7.Egg kurma 8.Eggless chocolate cake
9.Mint chutney thogayal10.Creamy cheesy garlicky rice11.Idlis with tricolour chutney12.Tricolour pinwheel
13.Baked asparagus fries14.Stuffed okra15.Habanero and tomato salsa16.Garlic flavoured egg fried rice
17.Candied beet multigrain cookies18.Tortilla cups with salsa19.Caramelized fig pie20.Sprouted chickpea salad
21.Sprouts sandwich22.Mixed fruit custard23.Vegetable brinjal rice24.Stuffed eggplant
25.Pineapple pachadi26.Lentil gravy27.Navara rice salad28.Purple cabbage stir fry
29.Corn spinach idli carrot peanut chutney30.Mint ginger idlis with green mango chutney31.Brinjal curry32.Vegetable fried rice
33.Avial vegetable curry34.Corn vegetable rice35.Vegetable biryani36.Beef potato roast
37.Winter salsa38.Rava kesari39.Eggplant curry40.Pumpkin snickerdoodles
41.Tomato tarragon soup42.Pandan milk sweet shallot cookies43.Roasted butternut squash salad44.Carrot halwa
45.Semolina kesari46.Gramflour fritters in yogurt gravy47.Curry leaves spicy gravy48.Vermicelli pulihora
49.Bean fry50.Taco mexican wraps51.Snow pea avara stir fry52.Samosa
53.Blueberry pie54.Fruit salad55.Rice salad56.Vegetable cutlets
57.Purple cabbage pulav58.Beetroot fritter59.Stuffed chilli60.Rainbow jelly mango pudding
61.Kachori and peda62.Bread roll63.3 tier birthday cake64.Pasta au gratin
65.Sooji halwa66.Grapefruit jelly67.Red beans curry68.Eggless sugar cookies
69.Carrot coconut salad


  1. wonderful event and nice roundups ..... will send my entries .......

  2. What a very creative event you started! I can't wait to see the rainbow color roundup! It's a perfect color choice to end the series!

  3. Love this! Such a great idea. Looking forward to the roundup!

  4. Congratulations! The Jelly pudding looks beautiful!
    Hope you see your entry for Veggie/Fruit A Month Event-Cauliflower too!

  5. hi and salam torview, tho i am unable to participate, i will be an ardent follower of this event... looking forward very much to see the final selections.
    well, good luck to everybody
    congrats torview for putting up such a great idea to do this event- wassalam

  6. Loved the recap of all the colors! What a great event =)

  7. very nice and colorful event ...will surely try to send some recipes...

    I hv linked you with the 7 links game...chk out my post for the same....

  8. u mean I can use any of the colours! Wonderful will send my entry

    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  9. I'm going to really try and do a fun rainbow colored dish. Exciting!

  10. That's a wonderful event and I feel bad that I couldn't participate in most of your events. Will try as much as possible to participate in this final event :)

  11. Oooh, how fun! Now I wish I had one of those gorgeous rainbow cakes to share. I'm going to look through my recipes and see if I have anything colorful to share :)

  12. I just linked up to the Finale. Your color palette series have been a huge success, well done, Akheela!

  13. Wonderful event... was unable to participate earlier.. will try sending my entries this time...

  14. Lovely event , wud luv to send my entry..m ur happy follower too.

  15. i have linked up a recipe...hope it is okay...pls confirm..

  16. Makes my life so very colourfull..............

  17. Assalamaleikum, I have linked my Karhi recipe since it's yellow in color. However, I'm not able to see the pic........I hope it's uploaded correctly.

  18. Assalamaleikum, I have linked my karhi recipe but I'm not able to see the pic....I hope it's uploaded correctly.

  19. Hi Akheela, just linked an entry of blueberry pie here.
    color palette finale is awesome


  20. nice theme....just linked up mine too

  21. I'm glad I saw this before the close date. Will try to send something by tomorrow! :)
    Kavi | Edible Entertainment

  22. Congratulations on your very successful event, Akheela! Have just linked an entry :)

  23. Such a great event, I gotta know pretty late I guess. Just saw it in ur latest post, I'm still happy to link a simple entry and glad that I gotta know it b4 the close date.

  24. Hello Akheela,
    Have linked up my Red Kidney beans curry for your event on the VERY last day!!Sorry - just got whiff of this event too late:( So glad to join in the fun - thanks for hosting!!


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