Bok Choy with Sauce

bok choy
This bok choy dish makes a good side dish that can be served with rice. It is inspired by Korean flavours.

Gond and Nuts Snacks

gond dry fruit snack
These nutrient rich snacks made with nuts and gond are healthy and delicious. This snack can be enjoyed anytime. Gond or gaund is gum Arabic resin from the acacia tree also known as mastic.

Date Pickle

date pickle
This pickle made with a date base is served with rice dishes such as biryani. It has a sweet and spicy flavour.

Rice with Chicken

bukhari rice
This delicious rice gets its flavour from the chicken stock and spices. The carrots, raisins, fried onion, and chicken over the rice make this a one-pot meal. It is served with a flavourful simple salad.

Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder

hamilton beach juicer, mixer, grinder
I love how well this Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder works to grinds a variety of ingredients depending on how we want it; coarse, smooth or fine. Prior to using this machine I have been having a hard time grinding pulses and rice finely for meals such as dosa and hoppers. With this machine making the batter smooth and getting the perfect consistency it needs to be is easy! 

Beef Curry & Cuisipro Products

beef curry
This is my go to beef curry. It is easy to make and can be served as a side dish with rice, flatbread, or bread.

Apple blueberry crisp

apple blueberry crisp
This delicious crisp is made with a combination of fresh apples and frozen blueberries.

Mr. Sunshine's Colourful Snacks

Vincenzo (Vince) Guzzo, Montreal based business owner and Dragons’ Den judge is continuing to push his entrepreneurial initiatives with the official expansion of his Mr. Sunshine brand to include locally made popcorn. We tasted three different popcorn flavours, which are perfect for our movie nights. 

Coffee, Lollies, Chocolate, and Eco-Friendly Firestarter

We celebrated World Chocolate Day on July 7th with coffee and chocolate! It is known that the bold and strong flavour of coffee enhances the rich flavours of chocolate, which is why many delicious chocolate cakes have coffee in it. When I bake chocolate cake, I sometimes add a cup of brewed coffee or a few spoons of strong coffee to add flavour to the chocolate cake.