Coconut pittu

This is easy to make soft pittu is made using leftover cooked rice.

1 cup grated fresh coconut
1 1/2 cup rice flour
handful of leftover cooked rice
1 tsp salt to taste

Mix the coconut, rice flour, leftover rice and salt together. This mixture needs to be made by hand until it resembles a soft crumbly texture, water needs to be added slowly a tbsp at a time.

Pittu can be made in a bamboo style pittu steamer, or in rice cooker with the steamer on, or in a double pan set with the steamer. Heat a steamer well adding the pittu mixture into the steamer. Steam for about 2 minutes. It is ready when the steam starts to come out, cover the steamer and let it cook for a minute. Then take it the cooked pittu out of the steamer.

Pittu can be served with savouries like meat or fish curry, dal curry, or maldive fish sambal for savoury. For sweet pittu serve with treacle, banana, mango, coconut milk or sugar.

Another variation is to replace the rice flour with red rice flour, or a mixture of kurukan or ragi flour with rice flour, or steamed flour.
coconut pittu
This recipe goes to scrumptious delights from leftovers event.

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