Sushi, Nigirizushi and Temakizushi

Nigirizushi is a hand pressed oval shaped sushi.
With the sushi rice make an oval shape, layer smoked salmon and hold it with strips of nori.

Temakizushi is a hand roll. Cut nori in a square shape, roll into a cone and put rice, avocado, salmon. Can also add wasabi, ginger pickle or vegetable such as asparagus and carrot.
Recipe for sushi rice and Makizushi (sushi roll). This recipe goes to "I love my dad" event.


  1. Sushis looks very beautiful and prefect..

  2. Lovely dish with cute pic.
    Keep on rocking dear.

  3. Wow!! This sushi looks positively pristine. I am a huge sushi fan and this is making my mouth water! Thank you for the comments on my blog and I am excited to follow your cooking adventures as well!



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