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Kitchen Prep Made Easy with OXO

Having kitchen tools that make prep work easy, makes cooking and baking easier. I like using the OXO Grip Chopper regularly to chop a variety of ingredients such as nuts, herbs, onions, garlic, and other vegetables by simply pushing down the black knob that exposes the blades, which chops the ingredients.

Korean Potato Salad

Korean Potato Salad
Korean Food Made Simple by Judy Joo is a wonderful book, as it gave me the opportunity to make food from Korean cuisine at home. There are 130 recipes in this book, and I like that we can prepare some of these in less than 30 minutes.

Baking Cowboy Cookies

cowboy cookies
These Cowboy cookies are fun to make, and delicious to snack with or without milk. 

Orange Semolina Cake in Mini Loaf Pans

orange almond semolina cake
I love making mini desserts. This set of 4, white porcelain Mini Loaf Pans are useful to make mini breads, cakes, and more. I used this dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe 6 x 3.5 x 2.5" loaf pans to make this orange flavoured fragrant semolina cake. To make this cake you will need

Savoir Faire Collection Would Make Entertaining Festive

Danesco Inc. a Montreal based company has been distributing and marketing high end kitchenware accessories for more than 50 years. Savoir Faire collection of serving accessories that juxtaposes slate, wood, porcelain, and glass is exclusive to Danesco. Each piece is adorned with an eclectic vintage look to create inspiring at-home entertaining experiences.