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What will you plant? Event

Pefferlaw has a wide range of potting soil, black earth, organic compost, hanging basket planter mix and manure from sheep and cattle. Mixing in manure to existing soil provides nutrient to plants, improve aeration and increase water-holding capacity. The manure from Pefferlaw is natural and free of contaminants. There is NO insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemicals, industrial material or municipal sources that contain metals and pathogens or wetting agents.

Edible Summer on Earth Day

Edible Summer on Earth Day at the Toronto Botanical Gardens was lots of fun even though the weather was cooler.
Tour of the gardens, planting peas in peat moss, growing sprouts, playing with worms, colouring a garden and lots of activities for the children.


Daddy and son, re-planting the indoor plants, while are regular summer helper was at school. My son enjoyed playing with the dirt and also tasted the soil to see if the pH balance was right :)