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Libre glass'n poly tea review and event with a giveaway

Libre tea glass'n poly is a lovely way to enjoy your loose tea on the go. You can carry this in your bag and have your favourite hot beverage anywhere, anytime. There is a stainless steel strainer to keep even the finest tea leaves out. Use soap and warm water to clean.

The interior is made of glass, and the exterior is poly (which is thermoplastic that is shatter resistant). It is BPA free and doesn't leak. It will keep the tea hot and the glass is cold to the touch. This is amazing because I almost thought the tea is not hot, although it was; so handle with care. Keep this away from children and do not use in the microwave.
It is eco-friendly to use loose tea than using tea bags. We all have heard the benefits of drinking tea i.e. it has antioxidants that neutralize cells, prepares immune systems to fight infections, lowers risk of kidney stones, heart disease, weight loss, helps the tooth enamel and increase metabolism.

Libre tea glass'n poly would be a perfect gift to give for valentines' day :) Even if you are not a fan of tea, you will love this Libre glass to enjoy your favourite beverage hot without worrying about it becoming cold. You can buy it online and from many stores in Canada and USA.

I am glad I got the opportunity to tell you to about this fabulous Libre glass'n poly. Thanks to the sponsors you also have a chance of winning this libre tea glass'n poly (holds 9 oz).
This giveaway ends on February 6th and is open to Canada and USA.
Updated: The winner is Prathiba, thank you to all those who participated.
To enter please leave a comment (if you don't have a blog make sure to leave your email address).
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